Constellation Adopts Low-Code from OutSystems to Stay Ahead of the Pack in Medical Professional Liability Insurance Sector

Boston -  04 March 2020

OutSystems today announced that Constellation, a growing portfolio of medical professional liability insurance companies, is using the OutSystems low-code platform to create new digital offerings and kickstart innovation inside the company.

Constellation implemented the OutSystems low-code platform as part of a plan to bring innovative products and services to market more quickly and cost-effectively. The platform’s ease of use and deep storehouse of features enables Constellation to leverage the skills of its whole 30-member IT department staff – not just five staffers with development backgrounds.

The first 15 people trained on OutSystems have worked on four projects in the first few months Constellation has utilized the platform. Two of the projects – a customer mobile app and an information security app – have moved into development and will soon be introduced live to users throughout the company.

“The speed of the OutSystems platform gives us the ability to share functioning prototypes with key stakeholders in days, not months like in conventional coding,” said Tiffany Lauria, Principal Digital Product Manager with Constellation. “We’ve been able to create great UIs for multiple devices and integrate easily with all the services and systems they need. We look forward to expanding our use of low-code to create more applications that will help our workforce be more effective.”

Constellation has launched a series of initiatives to stoke innovation inside the company. It has gathered teams together for “hack days,” where workers can discuss business challenges and iterate on technology solutions addressing those challenges. Bringing OutSystems into the mix is another way to promote innovation within Constellation.

“While technology tools and increased use of data has brought disruption to the insurance industry as a whole, the medical professional liability segment has lagged behind other sectors in terms of innovation,” said Mariana Henriques, Product Strategist, Digital Customer Experiences, with OutSystems. “We’re excited to see Constellation use low-code to stay ahead of its peers – to improve on existing offerings, create new apps, and position the organization to succeed in the future.”

About Constellation

Constellation is a growing portfolio of medical professional liability insurance and partner companies formed in response to the ever-changing realities of health care and dedicated to reducing risk and supporting physicians and care teams, thereby improving business results. For more information, visit

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