OutSystems Names 2015 Innovation Award Winners

Atlanta, GA -  27 May 2015

OutSystems, the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform provider, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 OutSystems Innovation Awards. The program recognizes those enterprises using OutSystems Platform to transform IT and drive innovation, efficiency and productivity in the process. OutSystems Innovation Award candidates were evaluated on the business impact, business results, user adoption and experience rates, and measureable IT benefits.

Winners of this year’s Innovation Awards are:

Gold Award: Business Transformation: Dubai Courts, Smart Services – Mobile app completely transforms judiciary petition process.

Dubai Courts made the strategic decision to select OutSystems Platform to expedite and simplify its litigation operations. Five FTEs over a span of 18 weeks were able to completely transform the Dubai Court's judiciary petition process. Today, citizens have access to more than 200 petition types that can be submitted, paid and decided electronically, 24x7. Moreover, Dubai's courts and related offices now have a single point of information for auditing, decision-making and the execution of judicial actions, boosting productivity, reducing paperwork and accelerating the judicial process.

Gold Award: Market Innovation: Wodify - Complete cloud-based mobile software for gym owners and their athletes.

Digitizing athletic performance tracking brought CrossFit Gyms into the 21st-century. Each day, more than 65,000 CrossFit gym members instantly access past performance and record new results via mobile devices and are adopting Wodify at a rate of 90%. Gym owners can manage billing and run their business from anywhere on any device. What started as a clever concept for a side-project has become a successful standalone business, built entirely around a set of cloud-based mobile apps. Wodify exemplifies what happens when a great idea is combined with the right people and technology.

Best Consolidation Project: Fidelidade Seguros, CISN Visão Contact Center - Forty applications consolidated into one 360-degree portal.

Fidelidade developed a transformative solution to streamline the workflow of its contact center communicators. By consolidating 40 applications into one 360º view, the contact center delivered greater service accuracy, 20% call time reduction, and reduced training time. OutSystems Platform helped Fidelidade achieve these efficiencies through easy integration with existing applications, runtime technical robustness of a complex interface, creating a new and pragmatic look and feel, and speed of development and change.

Best Database System: Ordem dos Psicologos Portugueses, SIOPP - Improved customer care for 22,000 members

OPP needed a system that would merge all operational information on its 22,000 members, allowing users from various departments to query and edit all processes in one place. Today, the systems handles upwards of 6,000 process requests annually and has given OPP new insight into opportunities for improvement, especially with respect to process optimization, risk management and security.

Best Deployment Speed: IQ Logistica, Cotton Cluster Platform – Development time cut in half and 100 percent of KPIs met.

When IQ Logistica set out to build a hosted, cloud-based platform linking South Africa's textile and apparel industry value chain, they estimated a two-year development timeframe. Using OutSystems Platform and just nine FTEs, development time was reduced by more than 50%. In the first year, the program met 100% of its KPIs and is on track to meet the following five years' KPIs.

Best Integration: Gestão de Peritagens, a Fidelidade company, GEPExpert – Six external systems integrated into one workflow.

Gestão de Peritagens (GEP) developed a software solution to support the entire lifecycle of the automobile expertise process. The system detects fraud while it manages and maintains the highest quality and reliability of the key functionalities for their business. In order to automate the entire expertise workflow process, GEP integrated six different external systems using OutSystems Platform.

Best Sales Management App: NOS, Ponte Vasco de Gama - Mobile sales app delivers complete customer focus.

From collecting customer data and needs to creating bespoke business solutions to real-time sales management monitoring, the NOS app allows sales execs to rapidly close the deal. The app is designed to decrease reliance on backend and commercial inbound resources by more than 90%. Further, it's expected global productivity will rise by 30%, and retention will see a 10% increase. OutSystems Platform allowed NOS to easily implement the guidelines provided by their UX team (HTML5, CSS3.0) and easily integrate with third-party systems, via integration middleware.

Best User Acceptance: Açoreana Seguros, NATIS Portal – Hundreds of users quickly adopt portal.

Enhancing its online strategy, Açoreana Seguros extended its services to a new company unit, which identifies possible fraud. With a clear focus on enhancing usability and maximizing productivity to ensure acceptance by all stakeholders, the project leveraged a SCRUM methodology to maintain tight collaboration between business and development teams. With rapid adoption by users, the new application processing time has dropped from five days to one day.

Best User Engagement: REST Industry Super, Member Education Hub - Transformed perception of IT, delivered results fast.

REST (Retail Employees Superannuation Trust), one of the largest funds in Australia, launched a completely new digital experience to better service its 2 million members through effective engagement and valuable transactions. Using OutSystems Platform, REST quickly delivered an engaging customer experience combined with powerful integration of backend systems. The project has transformed how IT is perceived within the organization, as they are now seen as delivering solutions of value, at great speed.

Best Web Portal: Lusitania Seguros, Agent Web Portal - Increase in ROI of 553 percent in first five months.

The implementation of a new web portal put the most frequently requested information and operational data at the fingertips of Lusitania Seguros's more than 4,500 agents. Thanks in part to a user-friendly interface, agents were able to use the portal with little to no training, which translated to increased efficiencies and almost immediate ROI. In fact, Lusitania Seguros saw a 553% increase in ROI in the first five months following the portal's launch. Designed to work across multiple devices and platforms, the portal was voted as being among the industry's best by more than 80% of agents surveyed.

"This year we received an unprecedented group of applications that demonstrated exceptional approaches to aligning enterprise needs and goals with IT. The competition was stiff, but these organizations rose above the rest for their pioneering initiatives and applications,” said Darcy Kurtz, vice president of global marketing for OutSystems. “We would like to congratulate each winner on the creative and forward-thinking approaches to rapidly delivering mobile and web applications.

Read more about the winning projects here: https://www.outsystems.com/customers/innovation-awards/

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