3,000 Attendees Will Pack RAI Amsterdam Center for World’s Largest Low-Code Conference Series

Amsterdam -  28 October 2019

Thought Leaders and Innovators Gather for Industry’s Leading Innovation Event for Low-Code and Digital Transformation

OutSystems is bringing the world’s largest event series showcasing low-code development and digital transformation to RAI Amsterdam. More than 4,000 people will experience the sold-out conference series that was held in Denver on Oct 2-3 and now Amsterdam on Oct 29-30.

The conference series features world-class OutSystems customers showcasing their low-code success stories and sharing best practices in redefining their digital futures. Customers speaking in Amsterdam include ISB Global, Prosegur, Heijmans, GEMS Education, Spotcheck, Yonder, Medtronic, De Efteling, PLUS Retail, Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, Rainforest Alliance, CoolProfs, Valuga, Midland Heart Housing Association, Banco Santander, Total Produce plc, and COOP Supermarkets.

Deloitte, one of the diamond sponsors for the conference, will demonstrate a number of low-code solutions they have developed with OutSystems including a call center application that uses artificial intelligence and speech recognition to detect the emotions of inbound callers.

John Rymer, Forrester vice president and principal analyst serving application development & delivery professionals, will co-headline the Amsterdam event and discuss how low-code is spreading throughout the enterprise. A true technology visionary, Rymer, coined “low-code” in 2015 after witnessing its massive potential for new, agile development technologies. Rymer will reveal his predictions on the future of app dev and his perspectives on the impact on business everywhere.

Diamond sponsor, Persistent, will showcase innovative stories from customers transforming their core business using digital software and services to improve the customer experience and automate business processes.

Attendees will get an up-close look at how low-code is enabling enterprises of all sizes to reinvent their businesses and achieve unprecedented levels of ROI. Hearing from OutSystems executives, customers and partners, along with industry thought leaders, attendees will walk away inspired by the many ways they can solve business problems using OutSystems technology.

“NextStep has established itself as the preeminent event for the low-code world to come together to learn, connect, and get motivated,” said OutSystems CEO and co-founder Paulo Rosado. “We’re thrilled to attract such a distinguished group of customers, partners, and industry thought leaders to Amsterdam. Attendees will come away with valuable insights that they can use to develop their careers, transform their business, and innovate.”

NextStep 2019 is sponsored by OutSystems partners and customers. Diamond Sponsors include Deloitte, Persistent Systems and everis. Platinum Sponsors include Valuga, Product League, Noesis, CoolProfs, Enterprise Touch, IG&H, ADA with partner Askblue, and Motion10. There are six Gold Sponsors: Outfit, ROFF, Truewind, NovioQ, KPMG, and Workato. Silver Sponsors include Incentro, StormyB, Transfer Solutions, myBrand, Nuveon Group, agentbase, and Capgemini. Networking Sponsors include Hi Interactive, Do iT Lean, Glintt, Headfitted Solutions, Keep it Simple, and Green Lemon Company.

To join the NextStep conversation on Twitter, use the #nxStep tag. For more information about OutSystems, visit www.outsystems.com.

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