OutSystems Announces 2014 North American Innovation Award Recipients

Atlanta, GA -  10 December 2014

OutSystems, the enterprise Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform provider, today announced two recipients of its OutSystems Innovation Awards recognizing organizations and people that are using OutSystems Platform to make IT dramatically more productive and essential to creating business value and driving innovation. The North American winners for 2014 are NES Financial and GuardianDocs™ (GTS), a Division of LenderLive Network™.

We would like to congratulate the winners on the innovative ways they have used OutSystems Platform to rapidly create mobile and web applications,” said Jeff Newlin, VP and GM, Americas. “These organizations and individuals clearly demonstrate how they are thinking differently about application development and deployment, and in doing so, have set a standard in effectively aligning business and IT for the achievement of enterprise goals.

OutSystems Innovation Award candidates were evaluated on the business impact, business results, user adoption and experience rates, and measureable IT benefits. The awarding-winning projects by NES Financial and GuardianDocs (GTS), a Division of LenderLive Network are as follows:

NES Financial

Project eSTAC® - Five Months to Develop with a small team of developers

NES Financial faced a fundamental application delivery challenge due to the lengthy three to four month window it took to deliver new functionality in the market. They needed to speed the time to deliver new applications within their eSTAC® platform, while keeping their development costs down to continue providing a cost effective price point for their customers. In just five months with OutSystems Platform, NES Financial was able to rewrite an entire application portfolio that was developed over a period of seven years with traditional development methods. NES Financial now has an application platform that allows them to keep pace with business, changing applications and delivering new functionality at record speeds.

GuardianDocs (GTS), a Division of LenderLive Network

GTS Operations Portal Project - Two Weeks to Develop with Four Developers

GuardianDocs processes a large number of document generation requests and image processing requests every day for its mortgage lending and servicing clients. The team developed an operations portal that provides a real-time, transparent view into the transaction flow to enable quicker responses and a more proactive ability to resolve issues before they become critical. The solution is designed to be “self-serve,” freeing up IT resources to work on other projects. This agility allowed for on-the-spot feature enhancements as the operations team experimented with the application, solving for the introspective unknowns. It also helped improve the client relations team’s efficiency by enabling real-time visibility into operations.

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