Promedico Accelerates Digital Transformation in Healthcare with OutSystems

Utrecht -  24 January 2017

IT Specialist Develops Applications for Healthcare Providers and Pharmacists in Record Time

Promedico, supplier of IT systems to healthcare organizations, used OutSystems low-code development platform to rapidly develop two new applications for pharmacists and healthcare providers. The applications allow medicine to be transparently, efficiently, and correctly administered to patients, and help healthcare organizations benefit from digital transformation. 

Promedico developed two applications for the healthcare sector: Apro and MediSein.


Apro is an information system for pharmacy staff. This system allows pharmacists to consult patient records, manage inventory, process recipes, monitor medication, proactively repeat medication, process invoices, and manage bookkeeping. The system is integrated other healthcare information systems and provides a user-friendly interface.


MediSein was developed at the request of and in cooperation with 'S Heeren Loo Care Group, a center for people with mental disorders. The app provides caregivers with real-time, up-to-date drug information on their tablets and provides push notifications when a patient should be given medication. It can also be used to track if the patient actually took the medicine, and if not, why. MediSein helps 'S Heeren Loo to reduce errors in drug administration.

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Six Weeks

"Software has to be adjusted to the activities of healthcare providers, not vice versa. A platform should be flexible to meet the needs of the caregiver," says Pita van Arkel, CEO at Promedico. "Digitalization of healthcare organizations is necessary to keep up with developments in society. However, the reality is that software vendors often do not or can not keep up, because they are held back by legacy. In OutSystems we have found a future-proof platform that can help us meet the needs of healthcare providers and institutions and continue to do so." Van Arkel specifically praised the development speed of the OutSystems platform. MediSein, for instance, was realized in just six weeks time.


"Society expects healthcare to digitalize its activities to a large extend. However, practice learns that this demand is hardly ever met", says Willem van Enter, vice president EMEA OutSystems. "Promedico is set to work quickly and proactively to change this. With Apro, Promedico can tap into a market that is relatively new to them and can ensure that pharmacists benefit from the advantages of digital transformation. We are glad OutSystems can be of help in this important step."

About Promedico

Promedico's mission is to contribute to the quality and development of primary patient care in the Netherlands. Promedico was founded in 1985 by a group of doctors who saw the need for automation in healthcare. Promedico is 100% owned by the Foundation for Automation of General Practitioners (SAH) and funds are used for product development and innovation.

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