OutSystems Names 2016 Innovation Award Winners

Atlanta, GA -  04 May 2016

Companies recognized for pioneering initiatives in digital transformation

OutSystems, the enterprise Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform provider, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 OutSystems Innovation Awards. The program recognizes those enterprises using OutSystems to enable faster application creation and delivery and to digitally transform their operations and interactions with customers, partners and employees. OutSystems Innovation Award candidates were evaluated on the business impact, business results, user adoption and experience rates, and measureable IT benefits.

Winners of this year’s Innovation Awards are:

Gold Award: Market Innovation: Advanced Technology Company (ATC), Sapphire Hospital Management System - Completely paper-free, enterprise hospital management system disrupts industry.

Sapphire Hospital Management System has radically changed the way that enterprise healthcare software is built and delivered, speeding the process to weeks versus months or years. Sapphire is a complete, enterprise-grade system, built on OutSystems, that has consistently delivered high user adoption rates, reduced training needs, better patient experience, and better control of patient records and is in full deployment at healthcare organizations such as the Kuwait Ministry of Health.

Gold Award: Business Transformation: Prologis, Prologis Anywhere and Mobile Maintenance Application - Mobile apps transform global workforce allowing employees to work from anywhere at anytime.

Prologis developed a large suite of applications on OutSystems with the ultimate goal of automating work processes and enabling employees around the world to work from anywhere at anytime. Two of their applications stand out due to their transformational nature, outstanding user acceptance, and documented ROI. The Prologis Mobile Maintenance Application fully automates the management of its inspections of commercial properties across the globe and Prologis Anywhere provides custom views of approved apps for each employee.

Gold Award: Overall Business Impact: Refriango, Fleet Management, Quality Control, and Action Planning - Suite of custom applications, brings full control and ROI to business processes.

Refriango has completely transformed its business processes with a suite of applications built on OutSystems. Fleet Management completely manages the entire fleet of trucks and distribution with complete integration to over seven systems including SAP and GPS. The Quality Control application has saved millions in product loses. The Industrial Action Planning application, which helps adopt a Kaizen approach, has delivered outrageous ROI in terms of business improvement metrics.  Partners Deloitte and ROFF were both instrumental in designing and building these applications.

Speed Award: Time to Value: P360 Management Solutions, Phoenix D.A.S. - Rapidly rebuilt flagship product to provide fresh, mobile-friendly user experience.

In half the expected development time, P360 rebuilt their entire flagship product, Phoenix. The system incorporates 11 individual apps that function harmoniously as an enterprise suite and incorporate built-in best practice workflows and mobile friendly screen inputs. With OutSystems, individual customizations for each client are delivered in a fraction of the time it previously took. The business has been able to scale and reach unprecedented efficiency.

ROI Award: Best Business Cost Savings: ActewAGL, Energy Productivity Support Tools - Facing drastic budget cuts, energy supplier develops business efficiency program.

When regulatory agencies cut ActewAGL’s operating expenditure by $26 million, or 30%, ActewAGL developed seven applications to support the company’s implementation of a new and leaner operating approach. With enormous cost and compliance pressures on the business, ActewAGL used OutSystems to transform their solution delivery ability and provided some quick wins to respond to rising market challenges. Partner DB Results helped develop the system.

Development Award: Best Custom Solution: Credit Solution Services, CSSThree60 Developed completely custom solution to address the unique needs of debt collection.

CSS replaced their current systems with custom applications that addressed three unique and critical business areas for the company. Faced with buying packaged software or building in house, CSS chose OutSystems in order to take advantage of the positives of developing bespoke software, while at the same time managing the risks traditionally associated with software development. They accomplished development in less than half the time of traditional coding methods.

Top Project: Best User Acceptance: Delta Cafés, Sales Information System - Application optimizes campaign planning and evaluation process, automating workload.

The Sales Information System optimizes the planning processes and evaluation of campaigns in the modern distribution channel. Eliminating silos, Delta Cafés created a central repository for easy reference and standardization of contractual and financial information. OutSystems allowed them to use their existing MS-Excel interface, along with SAP integration, thus giving users a familiar and friendly interface, which has resulted in dramatically increased productivity. Partner Truewind-Chiron helped develop the system.

Top Project: Best Process Automation: Hemobrás, Blood Centers Audit System - Gaining efficiency, agency deploys system to automate audit workflows across 120 centers.

With the Blood Centers Audit System, the entire audit process at Hemobrás was automated and streamlined, delivering increased productivity. Gains in security and uniformity of data now helps auditors prepare accurate and impartial reports. Using OutSystems provides the Hemobrás team with the ability to further develop and adapt the system as new needs arise. Partner Truewind-Chiron helped develop the system.

Top Project: Best Legacy Replacement: i60 Services, Café - Rewrote legacy insurance policy management system in half the time expected

i60 completely rewrote an aging legacy policy management system radically reinventing the products that Strategic Insurance Systems supplies. Hamstrung by brittle and disparate code, with a database design lacking congruence and integrity, innovation was critical. In half the time expected, OutSystems allowed i60 to deliver a flexible and scaleable system with lifecycle integrity that users love - making SIS unique in a highly competitive market.

"This year we received a phenomenal group of applications that demonstrated cutting-edge approaches to digital transformation. These organizations are pioneers in aligning IT with the needs of their business,” said Carlos Alves, global vice president of sales for OutSystems. “We would like to congratulate each winner on the creative and forward-thinking approaches to rapidly delivering mobile and web applications."

Read more about the winning projects here.

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