OutSystems Announces New Styles Editor, Finishes 2017 with Flurry of Low-Code Innovation

Atlanta -  03 January 2018

OutSystems, provider of the number one low-code development platform, today announced that it delivered six new releases of its flagship development environment in the fourth quarter. OutSystems has added a variety of new and innovative features to the product, further simplifying and accelerating how enterprise software is built. The latest innovation is a styles editor built directly into the visual development environment that dramatically reduces UX development time.

Our developer community has grown by more than 60 percent over the last six months,” said Mário Araújo, Head of Developer Relations at OutSystems. “We consider developers our extended team, and we obsess over how to make things easier for them. Every time we release a feature that simplifies development and reduces ramp-up time for new developers, we know we’re contributing to their productivity. Best of all, we’re helping them deliver value to the business.

These six releases demonstrate how committed OutSystems is to the growing low-code community. OutSystems already provides customizable app templates and components so developers without visual design expertise can rapidly create beautiful user experiences simply by dragging and dropping. The new styles editor allows developers and UX professionals to further customize the experience without the need for any CSS coding, cutting the time it takes to refine the user experience in half.

Crafting unique, elegant user experiences helps organizations to differentiate their solutions and win over new customers,” said João Grazina, Front-End Product Manager at OutSystems. “CSS is a challenge for many developers. It requires specialized knowledge to establish the necessary best practices and to deal with the complexity of multiple browsers and devices. Those skills are hard to find. We’ve now made it incredibly easy and visual, with no CSS coding.


Our consultants work to help organizations transform business, so we take advantage of the speed of OutSystems to prototype new digital solutions in our innovation team,” said Chad Hahn, Partner at Optimity Advisors, a global consulting firm. “We embrace methodologies like Lean UX, Design Thinking, and Google Design Sprints to rapidly iterate new solutions with the business. Every feature that allows us to move faster means we get feedback sooner, learn more about the solution we are building, and ultimately deliver the best possible experience for our customers.

Organizations still struggle with addressing today's need for agility, so it will continue to be a key focus area. According to leading analyst firm Forrester in their November 2017 report for application development and delivery professionals, Predictions 2018: New Technologies Propel Software Development, “the journey to modern development practices continues.” According to Forrester, “Agile and DevOps practices enable continuous delivery of software, helping companies better connect with their customers. By eliminating waste, delivering in smaller pieces, and learning from direct feedback, these modern dev practices link software development more tightly to business value.

Learn more about recent product innovation from OutSystems and how we’re helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation by checking out our Product Updates web page.

*Forrester, “Predictions 2018: New Technologies Propel Software Development,” Christopher Condo, Jeffrey S. Hammond, Randy Heffner, Rob Koplowitz, Diego Lo Giudice, John R. Rymer, 7 November 2017.

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