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Welcome Session

Steve Rotter
OutSystems CMO

Join OutSystems CMO Steve Rotter as he kicks off the #1 event for digital transformation and low-code development with his signature panache and style. Learn what to expect for the next two days and hear the latest event news.



OutSystems Keynote and Demo

Paulo Rosado
OutSystems CEO


How would you like to end the struggle of maintaining aging, brittle app portfolios and say goodbye to legacy gridlock? Join OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado as he introduces OutSystems 11 and shows how to use it to build the perfect digital core.



Networking Break sponsored by Conclusion BAM



Analyst Keynote

Andy Kyte
VP and Gartner Fellow


Business transformation and legacy modernization need to go hand in hand. But when it comes to implementation, most CIOs are flying blind. Join us as Gartner Analyst Andy Kyte explains how to develop a strategy to get on the right transformation track.



Courageous Leaders:
An Inspirational Fireside Chat With EDP

José Ferrari Careto
Digital Officer/Head of Digital Global Unit

A need to modernize their core payment processes got EDP started on their digital transformation journey. Learn from Ferrari Careto how they have embraced low-code and agile methods and are on their way to a true DevOps culture.



Successfully Making the Digital Transformation Leap

César Marto
Head of OutSystems Centre of Excellence

Business changes at a pace once never imagined, and no industry is safe. Join us to hear how Deloitte established a center of excellence to keep up, the lessons learned along the away, and how it helps the company.



Networking Reception sponsored by IG&H



Moving From Strategy
to Digital Initiatives

Modern IT in Practice


Breakfast and Registration sponsored by PwC


Panel: From CEO to Sprints

How to Go From Strategy to
Digital Initiatives Without Missing a Beat

Join our distinguished panel as they discuss taking digital transformation from the abstract to the concrete and moving IT from order-taking departments to business collaborators. Learn the benefits of reorienting organizations around the customer journey to deliver enterprise apps users love.

Kees Kranenburg
Solution Lead

Jorne Olthof
Project Advisor Digital Transformation
Rijk Zwaan

Amarpreet Kaur
General Manager - Rapid application Development
Schneider Digital

Patrick Roozeman

Panel: Get MAD

Modern Application Development Methods That Work

Are you ready to get MAD—modern application development, that is? Our panel of experts will talk about their experiences with Agile, building a culture of innovation, and DevOps. You’ll learn the steps you can take to adopt these approaches in your organization.

Jonathan Vardon
Chief Digital Officer
UST Global

Marco Witteveen

Maaike Besuyen
Business Analyst AH-IT
Ahold Delhaize

Rui Veloso
Digital, eCommerce Channels and RAD Delivery Lead


Innovative IT Delivery for the Modern World

England and Wales Cricket Board once handled IT delivery the old-fashioned way: business cases in triplicate, opaque approvals, requirements gathering, packaged solution search—the waterfall works. Join this session to see why and how they changed IT delivery for the modern world.

Damian Smith
Head of Information Technology
The England and Wales Cricket Board

What’s the Big Idea?

Low-Code Development From Start to Excellence

You’ve got an idea that will “make” your digital transformation. Learn how to chart your journey to full digital operations, from enterprise architecture, to a software factory with many teams working simultaneously, to tech partners, and to excellence.

Wim Gerholt
Manager Global Agile Services


Networking Break sponsored by CoolProfs


Digitizing a 350-Year-Old Start-up

With a history that goes back for centuries, the U.K. Post Office is revitalizing services and building new revenue streams. In this session, hear why low-code is the cornerstone of their strategy to serve over 17 million customers better.

Jeff Smyth
The Post Office

Thoroughly Modern Agile: Structuring Dev Teams for Maximum Speed, Scale, and Flexibility

Application delivery has changed dramatically. So why are we clinging to the same old organizational structures? Join this engaging session to learn about evolving the ever-important human aspect of modern dev teams with new tools, frameworks, career paths, and more.

Gonçalo Gaiolas
VP of Digital


Speeding to Scale With Low-Code and BizDevOps

What do you do when the requirements for your app keep changing—fast? Learn how Noesis helped a client embrace BizDevOps to keep up with change and deliver an app that scaled from 15,000 to 450,000 users in just 6 months.

Duarte Gouveia
Agile Solutions Senior Manager

Deconstructing DevOps

And Rebuilding Again With Containers

Have containers ushered in a new era of app dev? Didn’t we hear that when component-based architecture was new? Still, we’ve learned important lessons from CBD. In this session, we draw the parallels and share our experiences to guide you to a successful container future.

Eric ten Harkel

Michel Coudron
Principal Consultant


Ready for The New Face of Application Interfaces?

Braving a World of Sensors, Chat, and Voice Recognition

Our world is multi-dimensional, so shouldn’t our apps be, too? Join Muneer Taskar of Persistent Systems as he shares how to use robots, chat, voice recognition, AI, and blockchain in solutions that mirror the way we interact and, in some cases, rebuild lives.

Muneer Taskar
Vice President, EMEA
Persistent Systems

Transforming Culture for Digital Success at Wodify

Successful digital transformation requires a cultural shift, yet it often gets lost in the technology shuffle. In this session, hear how Wodify recently gathered all of its employees together to enact major changes in the company culture and how it's paying off.

Ameet Shah


Lunch and Connecting sponsored by AskBlue


Main Session



Afternoon Warm-Up

Steve Rotter
OutSystems CMO


Courageous Leaders

Teresa Rosas
Head of IT
Rui Pereira
VP of Digital Transformation

In this fireside chat, Rui Pereira, OutSystems Vice President and Co-Founder, will host Teresa Rosas, Head of IT at Fidelidade, a leading insurer. Join us as she shares how making the decision to use OutSystems as a strategic platform has paid off.



Innovation using AI and ML

Julien Simon
Principal Evangelist, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, AWS knows more than a thing or two. Join technology evangelist and blogger Julien Simon as he shares examples of what AWS services for AI and ML can make possible.




António Alegria
Head of Artificial Intelligence

In contrast to the perception that AI is out to take our jobs, we believe it should be embraced as the key to developer creativity. Join us as we introduce the world of AI and coding, share our vision, and provide real-world examples.



Networking Break sponsored by BAYPM



Guest Keynote

Jeremy White
Executive Editor, Wired Magazine


Jeremy is the executive editor of Wired, one of the most influential technology magazines in the world. He’ll be taking the stage at NextStep to tell you all about the latest technology trends and how business leaders are driving them.

From IoT to AI, smart homes to smart cities, flying cars to passenger drones, this is going to be one extraordinary session!



Innovation Awards

Steve Rotter
OutSystems CMO

Join us as we recognize, honor, and celebrate the organizations and people who use OutSystems to create business value and drive innovation.

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