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Nov 1  
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Training Pre-Conference - Welcome Session

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Seeing is Believing: A Real, Live, Geeky Demo of OutSystems 
Advanced Patterns and Anti-patterns for Great Mobile Apps
OutSystems is making it easier for mobile app and web developers to code and release their apps. In this live demo, we’ll show how OutSystems enables you to build mobile and web apps that are connected with external systems, using APIs for IoT and AI. You’ll get a comprehensive view of how to use OutSystems—no marketing pitch, just (low-)coding.
There’s no getting around the fact that mobile is a whole different game, and you need to leave behind the web mentality. In this session, we will share the development patterns you should use—as well as the ones you should avoid—to overcome limited device resources, flaky internet connections and other mobile app challenges. Your mobile apps will never be the same again.
Stacey Levine
Senior Solutions Architect at OutSystems
Bruno Martinho
Front-End and Mobile Expert at OutSystems

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Build an App in 2 Hours
The Concrete Foundations of Architecture 
You’re busy. We get it. Learning a new technology takes time and dedication. In this two-hour session, we’ll help you build your first OutSystems app. Not only that, but you’ll leave with a complete understanding of the tools, docs and training available so you can continue your learning when you go back to the office. Best of all, you’ll take an app with you to prove it.
Architecture doesn't have to be scary. All it takes is a down-to-earth approach. In this session, an expert who has been setting up architecture and explaining the concepts ever since the early days of OutSystems will share his knowledge. He’ll explain, in simple concrete terms, how to integrate with legacy systems, how to stratify data persistence with performance in mind, how to manage master data that spans across all systems and how to adopt a microservices strategy for continuous delivery. It’s all your questions answered in terms you understand.
Scott Karabin
Training Manager at OutSystems
Francisco Menezes
Architecture Team Lead at OutSystems

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4:30 PM
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Pre-Con Advanced
How to Build a Successful Career With OutSystems 
Managing Projects in OutSystems  
An OutSystems MVP will walk you through his journey as a .NET developer and architect who adopted OutSystems as part of his toolset. He’s not a millionaire yet, but he’s had quite a successful career so far.
Have you ever asked yourself "How do I keep on innovating if I need to deliver faster?" If so, this session will show you how. You’ll see that the faster you deliver, the more time you’ll have to focus on innovating. We’ll demonstrate how to derive a vision for your development project and how to gather context from the business and its users. Even better, you’ll discover how to estimate user stories and features at the speed at which only low-code can deliver, so you can keep on innovating in a speedy world.
Justin James
Senior Director at FICO
Miguel Baltazar
Director of Transformation Services at OutSystems

5:00 PM
Pre-Conference Closing Session and Wrap-Up

6:00 PM
Welcome Reception and Networking

Nov 2  
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8:30 AM
Welcome Session
Steve Rotter
Author, evangelist, and Chief Marketing Officer for OutSystems

8:45 AM
Reach for the Stars: Accelerating Past the Competition with Determination and Innovation
From repairing a critically damaged panel on the International Space Station to overcoming a crippling back injury to reaching the top of Mount Everest, Dr. Scott Parazynski is no stranger to lofty goals or obstacles. Inspired by his father, an engineer who helped develop the Saturn V boosters for the Apollo lunar program, he has a passion for pursuing difficult challenges and a relentless, methodical approach to tackling them. In this keynote, he’ll share how his resolve to make his dreams a reality has translated to his current role as a tech startup CEO. Join us as he explains how a corporate culture that values and actively seeks out innovation from a diverse, multidisciplinary team can accelerate past the competition.
Scott Parazynski 
Former NASA Astronaut, Veteran of five Space Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks

9:30 AM
How to Achieve App Development Scale and Velocity for Digital Business
Speed. We all need it. So, how do we get there? What are the industry leaders doing? As the lead author of the Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, Gartner Research Director Jason Wong has a unique vantage point on application delivery velocity. In this session, Jason will share data and knowledge based on his research with enterprise application development leaders and leading platforms as he discusses the current state of enterprise app development. He’ll also cover the continued demand for mobile apps as key components of a digital strategy, ideas for alleviating app backlog and his recommendations for digital success. 
Jason Wong
Gartner Research Director focused on enterprise strategies for mobile and web application development

10:15 AM

10:45 AM
Keynote and Demo - Accelerating Digital Transformation with Low-Code
Digital transformation is an imperative for all organizations, but the pathway is not obvious and opportunities for delay present themselves at every turn. Paulo presents a framework for the digital transformation journey, rooted in real world customer experiences, and accompanied by the latest innovations from OutSystems. Join the keynote to find out how OutSystems is accelerating the digital transformation journey and building digital leaders.
Paulo Rosado
CEO and Founder of OutSystems

12:00 PM

1:00 PM
Business Track
Technical Track
Operational Agility - Matching Impedance
Accelerate Development with Visual Composition
For many organizations, their first foray into low-code begins in operations as they look to streamline and digitize manual, often paper-based, processes. But what does it really take to innovate at the pace business demands? During this session learn from customers and our services teams how to establish a digital factory that empowers IT to deliver innovation and match the expectations from the business.
Digital transformation is pressuring companies to now deliver new digital experiences across all channels in days or weeks. Do you have the skills required to deliver amazing user experiences fast? In this session see new innovations from OutSystems to accelerate the development of digital experiences that impress... leveraging a low-code approach and the skills you already have.
Sameer Jaleel
Director, Systems Development at Kent State University
Pedro Queirós
Head of Enablement Services at OutSystems

1:30 PM
Business Track
Technical Track
New Digital Revenue Streams
Setting Up the Low Code Digital Factory
As organizations get their front and back-office in order, improved visibility across customers and partners often presents opportunities for new value-added services. What business opportunities might be hidden in your systems? Hear from customers capitalizing on new revenue streams as they progress along their digital path.
Would it be nice if all companies passionately used their own products to fulfil their own promises? At OutSystems, we believe the road to a great product (also) includes being your own customer - and a tough one at that. In this session, we’ll dive into the journey of how OutSystems Digital uses the platform to support all customer and partner experiences and optimize internal business operations inside its own digital factory. We’ll also explore other similar cases from customers that have set up their own digital factories successfully. 
Carlos Cedano
IT Project Manager at Estafeta
Roberto Martín
National Manager of PDVs and Concessions at Estafeta
Robert Neri
Head of Transformation Services Americas, OutSystems
Gonçalo Gaiolas
VP of Digital, OutSystems

2:00 PM
Business Track
Technical Track
Creating a Culture of Digital Innovation with Low-Code
Building great mobile experiences with low-code
>80% of new ideas fail. If you are experiencing a much higher success ratio, you are not aiming high enough and risk disruption. Learn from organizations that have instituted a culture of innovation where failing fast is not just tolerated, but encouraged.
With the release of OutSystems 10 we made the creation of sophisticated mobile apps fast and simple using a low-code approach. Since then we've been helping many customers develop amazing new mobile apps. In this session we will share what we learned from them, and how we are making it even easier for you to create the next great mobile app.
David Christian
Manager, Application Integration and Application Architect at Rollins, Inc.
Miguel Ventura
Lead Software Engineer at OutSystems
Bruno Martinho
Front-End and Mobile Expert at OutSystems

2:30 PM

3:00 PM
Business Track
Technical Track
Building the Right Digital Experience for your Customers
Ensuring Quality Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle
The days where IT was measured by how many features they could deliver are long gone, replaced by an ever-increasing pressure to wow customers with the best digital experience… across all touchpoints. Hear how leading organizations have restructured to disrupt the status quo, injected low-code into their processes,  and created true alignment with the customer’s needs.
Building great user experiences is about more than interaction and performance. If the app doesn't do what's expected, users will simply stop using it. As apps mature from experimental prototypes to mission critical and highly scalable, ensuring continuous quality becomes an essential part of delivery. But the number of tests, even for a small application, can rapidly become unmanageable, and running them has a cost. Learn from our experts and partners how to define the best test strategy for your mobile apps.
David Whited
CX Practice Lead at Highland Solutions
António Barros
Product Manager at OutSystems
Gernot Brandl
Senior Product Manager at Tricentis

3:30 PM
Business Track
Technical Track
Panel Discussion - Lessons from the Low-Code Journey
Enterprise Grade DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services
Hear from a variety of customers and partners how their low-code journey started and has evolved. From best practices for those in the early stages, to lessons learned by organizations who are pushing the low-code envelope, this session will provide practical guidance and insights for all companies using low-code to become more digital.
In the world of constantly evolving apps and continuous deployments, it’s important to deliver value to your customers on a continuous basis. Using learnings from our own internal DevOps journey, we will show how Microsoft built a powerful platform with DevOps as a basic principle. Visual Studio Team Services is for any language and any platform, and promotes integration with any third-party tools. Now you can implement your Enterprise grade DevOps practices, together with OutSystems platform. For both on-premises and cloud enterprises, software teams will learn how to speed up the delivery cycle, increasing productivity, agility, and optimizing performance.
Hemant Ramnani
Vice President, Persistent Digital
Erwin Schmidt
CEO at B-Synergy
Michael Cattapan
Sr. Manager, Application Technologies at Abbvie
Mike Belisle
Director, Banking and Investments Technology Solutions at Thrivent Financial
Damian Brady
Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
João Almeida
Software Developer Engineer at Microsoft

4:15 PM
Closing Keynote and Award Ceremony