OSDC 2021

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Build the difference together

Join the global community of developers for this opportunity to learn, share, and build software that makes a difference with OutSystems.

Whether you’re brand new to OutSystems or an experienced developer, OSDC is the place to be inspired, get hands-on with new developer tech, and take the next step in your career.

Build something truly innovative with the support of our community.

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Developers are changing the way the world builds software with the OutSystems platform. OSDC is your opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge tech from OutSystems and how it can help you build more, and accelerate your career.

Check out all of the technical sessions on-demand, fire up your creativity, and discover what you can build.


Is OSDC for me?

OSDC is for anyone who wants to build and deploy software that makes a difference.

Specifically, OSDC is where you can kickstart or uplift your OutSystems knowledge through actionable, technical sessions that focus on solving real-world problems.

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What to Expect

Stay up to date

Find out about the latest developments in the OutSystems platform


Whether you’re starting out or leveling up, benefit from hands-on expert-led sessions.

Boost your career

See how to become an OutSystems expert and add new skills to your arsenal

Introducing the NEO Awards

Announcing the first ever community awards, the NEO Awards are dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the incredible achievements and contributions of the global OutSystems community. 

Whether they are helping to solve questions in the Forum, creating reusable Forge components, contributing to documentation, or organizing a local User Group, the community is contributing in amazing ways every day.


Tracks Overview

Explore the OutSystems Platform

Start learning how to build your own apps right away.


Everything from mobile synchronization to comparing Frameworks to IoT magic.


Ins and outs of building apps that aren’t just functional, but look great too.

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