OSDC 2021

Learn, connect, and build the future.







Build the difference together

Join the global community of developers for this opportunity to learn, share, and build software that makes a difference with OutSystems.

Whether you’re brand new to OutSystems or an experienced developer, OSDC is the place to be inspired, get hands-on with new developer tech, and take the next step in your career.

Build something truly innovative with the support of our community.

Why Attend

Developers are changing the way the world builds software with the OutSystems platform. OSDC is your opportunity to learn about the latest cutting-edge tech from OutSystems and how it can help you build more, and accelerate your career.

Come ready to get hands-on, meet like-minded people, fire up your creativity, and leave with new ambitions for what you want to build.

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Who should attend

Developer, Architect, IT Manager: OSDC is for anyone who wants to build and deploy software that makes a difference.

Specifically, OSDC is where you can kickstart or uplift your OutSystems knowledge through actionable, technical sessions that focus on solving real-world problems.

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What to Expect

Stay up to date

Find out about the latest developments in the OutSystems platform


Whether you’re starting out or leveling up, benefit from hands-on expert-led sessions.


Join other developers around the world to collaborate, invent, and make new friends

Boost your career

See how to become an OutSystems expert and add new skills to your arsenal

Agenda & Tracks Overview

Explore the OutSystems Platform

Start learning how to build your own apps right away.


Everything from mobile synchronization to comparing Frameworks to IoT magic.


Ins and outs of building apps that aren’t just functional, but look great too.

What People are Saying

"ODC was an enjoyable event, different from the usual events done by OutSystems! Very well thought out and executed, completely focused on the OutSystems talented community. I was delighted to be a part of it and can't wait to see what OSDC 2021 will bring."

Olga Duarte

"ODC was an amazing event, full of people who share a passion in OutSystems and sharing their experiences and what they've learned. With the upcoming OSDC being virtual, and accessible to the whole world instead of those who can travel, I can't wait to see what I will learn this year!"

Craig St. Jean

"ODC, a huge success and completly worth it! It went above and beyond my expectations: the conference setup with multiple tracks, the amazing talks, the networking with outstanding people exchanging ideas about the platform and where it’s going to. There really was a huge mix of peers with so many great perspectives over many topics. I look forward to book my presence in the next edition!"

António Pereira

The OutSystems Developer Conference


By Developers for Developers

OSDC focuses exclusively on the OutSystems developer experience. Come away from the event with deeper dev skills, updates on what’s new, and inspiration for what comes next.


Take hold of new opportunities and friendships through OSDC’s dedicated networking sessions.


A free, global, and online event

This will be the biggest OutSystems developer conference yet with speakers, trainers, and attendees from all around the globe. Join us from your home or office free of charge.

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