The Changing Face of Retail: Getting Ahead of the Competition Depends on the IT Factor

The retail industry provides a worldwide barometer on consumer confidence and an indication as to how the global economy is faring. Retail was hit hard by the recession, but there are signs of cautious optimism.

The challenging economic climate and technological advancements have changed the face of retail forever. While consumer spending may still be squeezed, shoppers are better connected and more tech-savvy than ever before.

This paper explores ITs pivotal role in helping retailers engage with customers, partners and suppliers - delivering seamless multi-channel experiences, improving business efficiency, and product fulfilment.

The Changing Face of Retail

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  • How retailers can keep pace with the changing IT environment
  • How IT can deliver true innovation and transformation for retail
  • Why a new approach to application development makes sense
  • How real companies transformed their web and mobile presence

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