OutSystems 'Cloudifies' App Development: Looks to Stand Out through DevOps Automation

451 Research
Authored by 451 Research experts Agatha Poon and Jay Lyman

This independent report explores OutSystems Platform and the company’s move into the platform as a service (PaaS) market.

With the availability of the public cloud version of OutSystems Platform, the company completes its product portfolio with multiple deployment scenarios – the on-premises single-tenant version, public, private, or hybrid cloud multi-tenant versions.

…its capability to fully automate devops processes that involve both developers and IT operations departments is compelling for these collaborative teams. There is some truth in this, especially when enterprise developers are tasked to create and manage multiple applications. The ability to automate application release processes can eliminate bottlenecks of application development.” - 451 Research  

451 Report

Download this report and read about the 451 Research take on:

  • OutSystems Platform
  • OutSystems Customer Deployments
  • Competition in the PaaS Market
  • OutSystems SWOT Analysis

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