Gray Hat feat. Dee Dee Walsh - September 14, 2020

What does it mean for developers to age in an industry that grows and evolves so quickly? For Dee Dee Walsh, Vice President of the legacy system modernization software company Mobilize.Net, gaining the credit for your work and moral high ground at your company requires resilience, determination, and an openness to the ideas of older and younger colleagues. 
In our first episode of Decoded, Dee Dee sits down with Decoded host Sydney Lai to discuss:

  • Walsh’s experience as an up-and-coming developer for Microsoft in the 80s and how she became a prominent executive in the industry;
  • How to overcome a common Catch-22 when continuing the growth of your career as a developer;
  • How to stay relevant in an overly commoditized industry; and
  • How do you approach growing older in the workforce, and what steps must be taken to keep up with the industry.

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