Closing the Gender Gap feat. Joey Rosenberg - October 14, 2020

In a male-dominated industry, how can the community come together to help close the gender gap? Joey Rosenberg, Chief Leadership Officer for the international nonprofit Women Who Code, has experienced everything the industry has to offer — from getting her hands dirty in the startup world to working for Fortune 50 companies and supporting organizations like Girl Scouts of America.

Therefore, it's a wonderful opportunity to chat with Joey about how to inspire women to excel in technology and development careers.

Joey sits down with Decoded host Sydney Lai to discuss how women can find their true selves within the industry. Other topics covered in the discussion include:

  • Joey’s unexpected journey into the tech world;
  • The history of Women Who Code and where it stands in the industry;
  • The hurdles women have to overcome in the tech world;
  • How diversity fuels innovation; and
  • What works well when building diverse teams that will succeed.

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