From Developer To Entrepreneur feat. Philip Thomas - October 28, 2020

The journey of a developer can lead to a variety of paths, and oftentimes the lessons and skills learned can be priceless for scrappy entrepreneurs looking to develop their own offering to better the world. 
A notable example can be found in the highly successful career of Philip Thomas, VP of Product and Engineering at Zyper. Initially beginning as a meetup organizer for the developer community, Philip’s career grew to founding the developer community platform Moonlight, which was recently acquired by PullRequest. He is now a VP for one of the biggest brand community software companies in the world.
Philip sits down with Decoded host Sydney Lai to share the story of his career as a developer and how it positioned him for success as a founder and entrepreneur. Other discussion topics include:

  • How Philip's path toward a career as a doctor led to him find his true passion in development;
  • How his developer journey brought him into the role of a founder/entrepreneur in the $4 billion influencer economy;
  • Building awesome products in the developer community and how that art is keeping people connected;
  • Ways to ensure you’re having fun with what you develop for work; and
  • How to grow as a developer and what a transition to C-level leadership looks like.

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