June 16

Building Teams that Build Secure Financial Tools with Stripe

Berni Torres, Software Engineer, Stripe

Money makes the world go ‘round. That’s why there’s recently been a lot of innovation in the fintech space when it comes to building online payment solutions for businesses.

Bernie Torres, software engineer at Stripe, is helping lead the charge toward building a financial infrastructure for the internet. Stripe is now a legend in the fintech world for its developer-first approach to online payments — leading to companies like Facebook and Salesforce adopting the platform. 

In this episode of Decoded, our host Sydney Lai sits down with Berni to discuss how Stripe tackles security issues and how they affect the development of Stripe’s fintech solutions. The pair also dive deep into the ongoing complexities of fintech development.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The history of Stripe and how it evolved into one of the biggest financial operations companies
  • Stripe’s early days as a developer tool designed to help companies integrate online payments into what they were working on
  • Some of the unique challenges Berni has seen Stripe tackle, and how the company did it
  • How Stripe has evolved to accommodate a plethora of payment options all while navigating government regulations in countries around the globe

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