March 3

Amplifying Innovation at AWS

Nicki Stone, Senior Software Engineer at AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is literally everywhere, with more than 200 services available for developers. And there is no sign that AWS will slow down. Nicki Stone, Senior Software Engineer at AWS, has been working tirelessly with her team on AWS Amplify, a set of tools that simplify integrating with AWS services. Through a collection of libraries, UI components, and both command line and graphical interfaces, Amplify helps front-end web and mobile developers to pull together the AWS services they need. 

During this episode, Decoded host Sydney Lai chats with Nicki about how she began her career as a software developer and what led to her working with AWS. They also discuss the innovation happening at AWS Amplify and how it has grown to offer tools and services to help developers leverage AI and machine learning.

Other discussion topics include:

  • The history of AWS Amplify and how Nicki helped launch its iOS library
  • How development has evolved over the years with the help of services like AWS Amplify
  • How Amplify works with the entire AWS ecosystem
  • AWS offerings that you might not have known existed!

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