March 10

Giving Tech a Voice at Google

Jessica Earley-Cha, Developer Relations Engineer, Google and Antonio Alegria, Head of AI, OutSystems 

The rise of voice-controlled devices has been exciting not just for consumers, but also for developers. Building voice recognition and control capabilities challenges developers to think in new ways and account for principles that are unique to conversation design, from cultural and linguistic considerations to speaker intent.

Few people understand the intricacies of building voice-powered applications like Jessica Earley-Cha, developer relations engineer on the Google Assistant team. In this episode of Decoded, host Sydney Lai is joined by guest co-host Antonio Alegria, head of AI at OutSystems, to chat with Jessica about her developer journey and how she landed her role at Google, the history of voice and AI, and how these technologies are shaping the future of software development.

The conversation also explores:

  • How Google Assistant was born from the company’s ongoing innovation
  • How Google’s developer tools are evolving to support natural language processing
  • Google’s machine learning capabilities and how they impact the development space   
  • The future of Google Assistant as a tool for developers

Check out what's going on at Google Assistant:

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