March 31

Development Meets Design at Adobe

Kerri Shotts, Principal Product Manager, Adobe

When you think of Adobe, you may think of it as a design tool rather than a developer tool. But with offerings like Adobe XD, the company is helping blur the lines between web design and development.

Joining us on this episode of Decoded is Kerri Shotts, Principal Product Manager at Adobe. She is passionate about extending creative tools in new and innovative ways, as well as advocating for a fantastic developer experience.

Host Sydney Lai sits down with Kerri to discuss how Adobe has evolved its product offerings to help developers and designers alike create unique web and mobile experiences. They also chat about how development is built into the fabric of Adobe, and how that affects the intersection of development and design.

Other discussion topics include:

  • Kerri’s journey through the tech industry and her role at Adobe
  • Adobe’s origin story and how it became what it is today
  • Development challenges Kerri faces and how she navigates them
  • How development tools are continuing to evolve based on user needs
  • How Adobe reaches and impacts different developer communities

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