August 11

From Open Source to Developer Platform Adoption

Jeffrey Meyerson, Host, Software Daily

The world of software development is constantly evolving. So, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and reflect on how the industry has changed over the past few years to help us better understand where it’s going.

Jeff Meyerson, host of Software Engineering Daily, started his career as a developer at Amazon and has since become a tech investor, collaborator, and thought leader. In this debut episode of Season 3 of Decoded, host Sydney Lai chats with Jeff about how he’s helping developers find their niche and joining him to reflect on the industry’s future as a whole. 

Listen to find out: 

  • How companies can future-proof their development infrastructure to ensure top developer talent is happy to work there
  • The importance of an agnostic view to building software, and building with software
  • What role AI has in the evolution of software development
  • Jeff’s outlook on the future for developer platforms and how they’ll impact the industry.

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