December 29

Learning Live and Uncensored

Ali Diamond, Senior Developer Relations Engineer, New Relic

As developers, there’s always something for us to learn. Formal education provides a great foundation, but what we learn from our community of fellow developers is what really helps us grow.

In this episode of Decoded, host Sydney Lai is joined by Ali Diamond, a Developer Advocate at New Relic who has started a unique learning community on her Twitch stream. Ali shares what it's like to learn in public with other developers, what she’s learned from growing her online community, and what it means to be authentic in such a public space.

Other talking points include:

  • Why developers are starting to use platforms like Twitch for communal learning
  • The benefits of “learning by watching” in the moment versus learning through keynotes, seminars, and other formal learning environments
  • Why learning to build in public can be a double-edged sword

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