August 25

The Art and Science of Building Mobile Banking Applications

Tim Mitra, President, iT Guy Technologies

When you think about getting creative with software development, you might not think of the financial services industry. But, despite being known for a rigid regulatory environment, the industry is brimming with creativity. 

In this episode, Tim Mitra, iOS Engineering Manager at a leading global bank, joins host Sydney Lai to explain how the right mix of artistic, engineering, and creative skill can deliver digital banking experiences that exceed users’ expectations. Tim shares how mobile applications are developed at the enterprise level for financial institutions and discusses what the future has in store for financial services software. 

Other topics include: 

  • Tim’s journey into software development, including how art and technology have come together in his career as a developer
  • The unique challenges developers in financial services face working in an industry that impacts millions of people daily
  • Shifts in the finance industry that impacted software development — from the early days of the tech boom to the evolution of mobile apps.

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