September 8

The When, Why, and Why Not of Progressive Web Apps

Jeremy Keith, Founder, Clearleft

Almost every website can be built as a progressive web app (PWA), but developers aren’t doing it. Why — or rather, why now? Their reluctance isn’t necessarily due to technical reasons; instead, cultural reasons may explain why adoption hasn’t grown rapidly.

Our guest for this episode, Jeremy Keith, is a long-time contributor to the developer ecosystem and an engineer who builds progressive web apps and resilient web design. He chats with our host Sydney Lai about the present and future of PWAs and how they’ll impact software development.

Other talking topics include: 

  • What it takes to develop PWAs
  • The reasons PWAs aren’t used more often
  • Considerations developers should keep in mind during their creative process
  • How resilient web design will influence the evolution of software development

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