October 6

Building Dev Projects

Courtland Allen, Founder, Indie Hackers

Courtland Allen, founder of Indie Hackers, is all about helping developers find financial independence, creative freedom, and the ability to work on their own schedules. It’s easier now than ever for developers to kick off side projects that allow them to generate revenue — whether it's an extra $500 a month or enough income to quit their day jobs.

In this episode of Decoded, host Sydney Lai chats with Courtland about how developers can take a side project from a supporting role to their main act. Other talking points include: 

  • The story of how Courtland built Indie Hackers, and how it’s adding value as part of Stripe
  • Best practices of profitable Indie Hackers
  • The importance of incorporating storytelling into the development process
  • How to make end users the superheroes in your projects

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