Marcio Spinola

Marcio Spínola

VP of Product Management

In his own words, Márcio Spínola “designs a vision to help customers go from where they are today to what they aim to do.”

Márcio joined OutSystems in 2009 as part of services delivery. His focus and understanding of customers, their pressures and their needs quickly landed him several key roles in sales engineering and sales, and his extraordinary work in those areas left their mark.

Márcio was responsible for the success of several regional OutSystems offices throughout the world. His full dedication to customers is the foundation for the transformation of 100 prospects into satisfied OutSystems clients. In 2014, he was named Sales Engineering Director, a role he held until 2017, when he became Vice President of Product Management.

Before being involved with consistent record-breaking growth and sales numbers for OutSystems, Márcio earned top honors in college. After that, he was a business and development consultant for several companies, undertaking projects such as the design and implementation of data consolidation projects with some of Europe's largest banking institutions.

When asked what’s at the core of a successful customer transformation, Marcio says, “It requires weaving in innovative thinking, fast validation, and ultimately making innovation part of your IT DNA.”

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