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Attendees pictures:
Privacy note: We'll be taking pictures and capturing videos throughout the conference. If you don't want to be included in these, go to the registration desk and request a white lanyard. Unfortunately, this lanyard doesn't give you superpowers to make you invisible, but it will tell us that you don't want to appear in any picture or video. That said, we'll do our best to respect your wishes and not include you in any photo or video. However, please note that OutSystems can, in any way, publish photos of public events, where the focus of the image is the event itself and, in an incidental way, the participants. This can happen if OutSystems has a legitimate interest in making public such images to advertise its events, products, and services.

Lead sharing with our event sponsors:
OutSystems will have sponsors, partners, exhibitors, and/or other third parties (together "Sponsors") participating at Next Step 2020 which may wish to scan your badge to facilitate networking and business relationships at the event or to contact you after our event.
During your registration process, tou will be provided with an attendee badge which holds secure personal data including, amongst other, your first and last names, company details, job role, country, state (if applicable), and e-mail address.
By allowing a Sponsor to scan your badge, you are explicitly giving your consent to that party to collect and use the personal data contained in your badge.
You have full control over your data, and only Sponsors that you expressly authorize to scan your badge will have access to your personal data. If you visit a boot, stand or speak to a Sponsor but do not allow your badge to be scanned, your personal data will not be disclosed. Sponsors will be, for these purposes, fully and solely responsible for your data.
From the moment you allow your badge to be scanned, you engage in a direct relationship with that Sponsor that has its own means, policies and/or practices for treating your personal information. If you wish to withdraw consent or to exercise any data protection rights, please communicate this directly to that Sponsor. OutSystems waives any responsibility concerning that data collection.