About Advanced Programs Europe B.V.

Advanced Programs developed a vision to run the core of applications on the IBM Power i environment (AS/400) and to develop new functionality into a new application development platform, creating a hybride environment. This phased approach ensures modernizing the application landscape, without divestments of exciting environments and the risk of migration disturbances.

Advanced Programs wants companies to focus on application functionality in stead of focussing on underlying hard- en software. Companies running their own IBM Power systems can decide to decommission their own hardware and switch over to IBM Power capacity delivered from cloud (in a pay-per-use model).


1 Web Developer
1 Associate

0 Support Engineers

0 Mobile Developers

Services Offered
Systems Integrator|
Software Development
Chemical, Agriculture, Mining/Metals|
Financial Services|
Corporate (Business) Services|
Pharma & Biotech|
Transportation & Logistics|
Retail & Wholesale|
Construction/ Engineering|
Travel, Leisure & Entertainment|
Computer & Technology
Geographic Focus


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