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Valuga is your go-to partner for smart, data-driven OutSystems application development.

Since our inception in 2013, we have focused heavily on the pervasive technologies of Big Data and IoT - designing, developing and deploying solutions from specialized clients to household names like Eneco and Oxxio.

We offer true turnkey solutions, from full OutSystems agile development teams, to massive data landscape design and setup, right down to data sources configuration, including hardware.

If your challenge runs deeper than just “building an app”, into leveraging all the information available on your enterprise, Valuga is ideally positioned to help you.
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Company specialised in global distribution
Other Industries
For a company in the Netherlands with experience in the global distribution and supply of branded goods Valuga developed an Inbound Warehousing App. The company owns warehouses where products are received and distributed from. Hence the question: How can we guarantee that received products are checked correctly before they are distributed? The answer to this question is given by the realisation of the Inbound Warehousing App.
This particular use case was born out of the clash between theory and practice. In theory, it is expected that products we buy, match the products we receive. In practice however, this does not alway match up, expected products are then replaced with alternative products or entirely new products. Before the system can be updated so that the new situation matches the old one, the products have to be checked thoroughly. The App helps users move through the check in process more efficiently. Ultimately reducing check in time while minimizing mistakes.
1 Months
2 Resources

Company specialised in global ditribution
Other Industries
For a company in the Netherlands with experience in the global distribution and supply of branded goods Valuga developed an Order Building App. On a higher level they specialize in the buying and selling of goods. For selling to a customer a sales order has to be created, respectively for buying from a vendor a purchase order has to be created.
Before Valuga, the creation of sales orders and purchase orders was done directly in their ERP system resulting in two major issues. Firstly, it was unclear which purchase orders were linked to which sales order. Secondly, the rigid ERP system  made it hard to update sales and purchase orders. Since flexibility is key in this industry, these issues had to be solved.
Valuga was approached to solve the problem by adding an Order Building App, where users can complete their sales orders by allocating stock and purchase orders in a flexible manner before creation in the ERP system, resulting in a more efficient sales process with higher margins.
3 Months
3 Resources

Holland Casino
Travel, Leisure & Entertainment
Valuga developed the Poker Registration System (PRS) at Holland Casino. Various poker games can be configured here. The poker games can then be published on the Holland Casino website and players can make a booking and payment for a poker game. During the games there are several possibilities to manage the game, both for cash games and tournaments. Waiting lists are kept in which the player is informed via SMS when a place becomes available. For payments there are overviews for the cashiers and total overviews for checking for the back office employees. The application uses web services to establish a connection between PRS and Holland Casino website and for narrowcasting. PRS is Live in all 14 branches of Holland Casino.

9 Months
2 Developers

Nature's Pride
Consumer, Food & Beverage
Valuga helped design and fully develop the supply chain management system, that starts from growers product submission to steering the ripening process based on incoming quantities, sales demand and the actual inventory. The main advantage is optimization of the process end-to-end, guaranteeing minimum operation and fresh produce wastage.
6 Months
2 Developers

Health Insurance Company -Customer Support App
Valuga worked on the development of the business-critical Customer Support application in a Scrum/Agile way. The current strategy includes replacing and adding business value for each department through the Customer Support application.

The application must contribute to the vision on service, therefore it must be personal, easy, flawless and always a step ahead. Adoption will first take place by Customer Service, who answer questions from insurers over the phone. Followed by Declaration Service, who answers questions from insurers over the phone with regard to bills.

Other departments such as the Care Team, Social Media and Police Policy Care will also use the application in a later stage. After a positive pilot period, the Customer Support application was adopted in 2018 by all customer service staff.
8 Months
1 Developers

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