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Headquartered in Lisbon, with offices in Porto and Tel Aviv, HCCM Consulting has stood out since 1995 for its information Tech (IT) experience in the banking, insurance, public services, energy, retail and industry sectors. Since August 2021, HCCM is part of the Aman Group, based in Tel Aviv. Aman has also stood out since 1973 for its expertise in Banking, Insurance and Public Services, in the areas of IT and is made up of more than 3,000 employees and with revenues of more than 400 million euros. Aman Group is one of the OutSystems Partners for Israel.


Projects Delivered

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  • Loan Application
    Loan Application
    • Customer Apps
    • Computer & Technology
    5 Developers 24 Weeks Web Application 2023

    This product aims to revolutionize the way in which the Israeli Banking sector can create and manage their credit requests regardless of type: •from mortgages to car loans to any purpose loans; •Its focus is to provide a fast service to new customers as well as help identify credit opportunities within already existing customers

  • Upgrade V7 to V11 - Volkswagen Autoeuropa
    Upgrade V7 to V11 - Volkswagen Autoeuropa
    • Human Resources
    • Manufacturing
    3 Developers 12 Weeks Web Application 2023

    - Analysis and documentations of the current platform and applications status. - OutSystems platform Upgrade to version 11 in all the environments currently within the VW development life cycle: Development Tests Production - Identification and resolution of the breaking changes and software changes that are needed to keep the V...

  • Info Corredores
    Info Corredores
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Retail & Wholesale
    4 Developers 9 Weeks Web Application 2021

    Organização dos Produtos nos Corredores - com gestão de preços por campanha.

  • NFF
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Retail & Wholesale
    4 Developers 7 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Filtragem e geração de exportações massivas de preços.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • GDPR Portal for OutSystems Ecosystem
    GDPR Portal for OutSystems Ecosystem
    • Compliance
    • Business Services
    The GDPR portal acts as a plugin on the OutSystems platform and its applications. This portal allows the management of the personal data present in the OutSystems ecosystem in an easy and transparent way.
  • GDPR Console
    GDPR Console
    • Compliance
    • Business Services
    The GDPR Console application provides a functional and technical solution in order to support the compliance of the general data protection regulation. This solution was awarded by OUTSYSTEMS with the "Excellence in Compliance Award".

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