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Ki Reply is the company within the Reply group born with the ambition to change the world of software development and challenge the status quo relating to the development model used to date for the construction of digital products and services for our customers. To achieve this ambitious goal we have defined our Low Code adoption model based on the use of OutSystems for the development of enterprise-class applications. Our approach can be applied in any industry, from luxury to the financial sector, and can be applied to any use case, from B2C to B2B, B2E and so on.


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  • Banking
    Journey to low code
    • Development Tools
    • Banking
    2 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2023

    The Journey to Low Code project aimed to equip the organization with OutSystems, reducing development time and costs for B2E apps while enabling future advancements in B2B and B2B2C domains. The objectives included establishing a low-code Center of Excellence (CoE), defining governance models, conducting skill gap analysis, and establishing architectural f...

  • Banking
    Vocal order audit app
    • Compliance
    • Banking
    2 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2023

    The Vocal order audit app project involved the reengineering and migration of two existing processes to the Outsystems platform. The project aimed to track and evaluate recorded calls of customer and financial advisor orders, ensuring quality control and aligning them with the bank's systems. The primary objective was to develop a unified application fo...

  • Banking
    Tech Hub
    • Assets & inventory management
    • Banking
    2 Developers 6 Months Web Application 2023

    The TechHub application serves as a back-office web application to manage client's hardware, software, and asset configuration. Its main purpose is to achieve data governance by importing data from external sources (xlsx, csv, APIs) that act as the data master. Periodic updates using incremental changes (delta) from these sources ensure that the TechHub da...

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