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KinetIT is a company of excellence! We’re a team of passionate, experienced, critical thinking and creative people, highly qualified and motivated to create value and continuous improvement in the digital transformation processes of our clients and business partners.

We work in the Information Technology sector providing consulting, outsourcing, development and project management services.

We are specialists in delivering innovative technology solutions based on OutSystems technology across all vertical markets and business areas.


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  • Clinical cases (UX/UI)
    Clinical cases (UX/UI)
    • Customer Apps
    • Pharma & Biotech
    2 Developers 2 Months Web Application 2022

    The participation of the Digital Experience team in the "Clinical Cases" project had the main goal of making the product more appealing and intuitive for the user. It was a product with very well-defined foundations, in which our intervention would have to be surgical in order to respect the functionality and consistency of the tool. A rigorous analy...

  • Customer Document generator
    Customer Document generator
    • Workflow and processes
    • Telecommunications
    3 Developers 4 Months Web Application 2022

    Need: - Produce dynamic and more appealing documents (contracts, technical visit reports, ...) for your customers - Have a middleware where the management of these documents is centralized The solution: - Creation of an API with the ability to generate documents for different types of forms, with 2 options, both filled in at runtime through input...

  • Doc Management - Refactorization and Improvements
    Doc Management - Refactorization and Improvements
    • Workflow and processes
    • Government
    2 Developers 1 Months Web Application 2022

    Refactorization of the Docs Management app to best adapt to current needs, allowing the optimization of the infrastructure license by reducing the number of Application Objects (AOs) and leveraging the delivery pace for new apps.

  • Clinical Management Platform
    Clinical Management Platform
    • Customer Service
    • Healthcare
    6 Developers 16 Months Web Application 2022

    A modern and dynamic platform, which allows the follow-up, suggestion and control of the injured person clinical evolution.

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