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We create and manage technology, which allows our customers to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the market where they operate. We believe in doing our very best and applying our experience (to support) the development of our employees, customers and communities where we operate. We collaborate with (various) large-sized public and private entities in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. We work to build long-lasting relationships which are based on the innovation and quality of our services and that are completely aligned with our customers business objectives.


Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Billing Control
    Billing Control
    • Other use cases
    • Healthcare
    Alarmistic system to track the amount of pending billing records by deadline and financial value. Allows Simple integration with existing systems; Operational workflows and management dashboards.

Projects Delivered

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  • Porto Water Licensing Processes
    Porto Water Licensing Processes
    • Customer Apps
    • Energy & Utilities
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2023

    The application of the Porto Water Licensing Process aims to manage the company licensing processes. The application allows the user to view all the licensing processes, their details, and the requirements that are associated with them to obtain more information relevant to the business. There is also a dashboard with a global view of the processes throu...

  • ADSE - Upgrade OutSystems Platform
    ADSE - Upgrade OutSystems Platform
    • Customer Apps
    • Government
    2 Developers 4 Weeks Web Application 2023

    Upgrade OutSystems platform on premises version 9 to version 11.

  • Adresles
    • Customer Apps
    • Transportation & Logistics
    3 Developers 3 Months Mobile Application 2023

    Adresles is a logistic mediator offering customers the possibility to send something with a few clicks and without the need to know the delivery address of the receiver. The steps are: -The sender selects the package to send, the phone number or email of the receiver, where he wants the pickup, and indicates who will pay for the shipping service (hims...

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  • Gestão de Prefabricados
    Gestão de Prefabricados
    • Operations & Logistics
    • Construction & Engineering
    4 Developers 3 Months Web Application 2023

    A solution designed to support the entire production lifecycle of a prefabricated part, from the order, through the technical design and registration of all production stages. The application enables seamless updates of construction projects, incorporating subsequent modifications. This feature facilitates the identification and evaluation of budget de...

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