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Headlight Group is a well-established software development company based in Sweden. In 2018 Headlight Group created a spin-off company called Redesign Worklife Sweden AB, which acts under the brand name Relight. Relight focuses on helping organizations when they need to undergo a digital transformation. Relight provides solutions based on low-code platforms, as well as related consulting services. Headlight Group has been working with Digital Transformation since the start 2001. But with digitalization gaining real traction in recent years due to the rise of low-code development, process automation, and robotic automation, the group decided to set up Relight in order to specialize in this area to meet the growing demand. Our mission at Relight is to strip away the monotonous, unproductive and overly complicated aspects of life at work. Relight aims to be at the forefront of the establishment of the working practices of the future hence Relight s tagline: "REDESIGNING WORK.LIFE". After many years of experience of working with low-code platforms, Relight is now able to offer a very high degree of competence in this area. Relight can support our customers in multiple ways. We can provide expert and advisory services together with highly experienced system developers, architects, and IT professionals. We are constantly striving to cooperate with our customers in order to add further value and find fit-for-purpose solutions for them. Experience has taught us that when we are starting a dialogue with a potential new client, it can be helpful if we present four different options for ways in which future collaboration could be structured: Option 1 The customer defines the available resources and Relight then takes full responsibility for both the management and the delivery of the entire project, end-to-end. Option 2 The customer takes responsibility for setting and prioritizing the project s requirements, as well as ensuring that these requirements have been met. They do this by providing a scrum master or project manager. Relight then takes responsibility for completing the necessary PBIs and delivering results to the customer s scrum master. Option 3 The customer takes more hands-on responsibility for the management of the project and chooses their own project manager. Relight then provides system developers and other resources which this project manager can use as they see fit, in accordance with mutually defined needs. Option 4 Relight can instead act in a more advisory role by providing application experts, advisory services or transformation services on-demand, in accordance with mutually defined needs.

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