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Kiandra is a rapid software development company that specialises in using the latest acceleration technologies to deliver web, desktop and mobile applications faster, and with less risk. For 25 years we've been delivering business-critical software for organisations of every size and we've provided solutions to over 150 small, medium and large organisations spanning 40 industries, across Australia, Canada and the globe. Our award-winning software development division is recognised as one of the best and most comprehensive. 

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Projects Examples
WA Health
Kiandra and Western Australia (WA) Health Support Services (HSS), collaborated over a five month period to successfully deliver a critical application replacement to enable the processing of up to $100M of invoices per year.
5 Months
2 Developers

Other Industries
The solution vision was delivering the most common requests straight to a landlord and tenant’s smart phone, tablet or desktop. This included, weekly rent, rent paid to date, maintenance requests, confirmation of current rent paid, next routine inspection, lease term, rent review date and confirmation of current rent paid.
2 Months
3 Developers

Computer & Technology
Remasys were faced with a modern day dilemma – using a sophisticated back-end system with a less than optimal user experience. With customers growing impatient, Remasys turned to us for help. We were able to perform a full facelift, delivering a new customer web-based experience, leaving the existing back-end system untouched.
5 Months
5 Resources

Australian Unity
A sophisticated arrangement of technology and custom developed software. The RAPT solution has transformed internal processes for Australian Unity and put in place a powerful business system that has addressed key capability gaps wrapped up in responsive design:
• improved the efficiency of handling client enquiries, which were tracked in spreadsheets
• Greatly improved the accuracy of property pricing by storing and managing complex business rules in a rules engine
• Provided a single source of truth for information held about different role types, in order to accurately track the overall completion statuses for each property transaction
• Automated the co-ordination of completion steps performed across multiple business stakeholders. These steps were performed manually through ‘offline’ mechanisms such as telephone, email and face-to-face meetings
• Provided accurate visibility of overall completion statuses
• Addressed the inadequacies of old systems, processes
8 Months
4 Resources

MOIRA Disability & Youth Services
Charities, Foundations & Non-Profits
Transformed a system with multiple, complex touch points to a 'single source of truth' by developing a user-friendly, and centralised workflow-enabled system:
• Improved the efficiency of handling client documents and communications
• Greatly improved the visibility of where any item is in the processing cycle, reducing the amount of manual checking required
• Provided a single source of truth for all client information
• Improved delivery of services to clients, specifically in speed of resolving enquiries, and in reducing human processing touchpoints.

• Provided a single source of truth for all client information
• Improved delivery of services to clients, specifically in speed of resolving enquiries, and in reducing human processing touchpoints.
1 Months
4 Resources

ME Bank
Developed award winning, full  responsive website. Since launch, the search function has experienced an uptick of 147% with visitors staying longer on the site and visiting more pages. There has been improved engagement among both desktop and mobile users, with page sessions and session durations increasing by approximately 1.25% for desktop users and 4.60% for mobile users. There has been an average increase of 7.16% across overall product applications
Since going live with the new website calculator usage has increased by 358%.
4 Months
4 Resources

MSBase Foundation
Charities, Foundations & Non-Profits
Developed full end-to-end, technology stack web-based research registry application that accepts multiple inputs and leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) to interface with multiple devices such as MRI machines:
• Allows end user to search, report and visualise data
• Easily customised to respond to new sub-studies
• Environment encourages information sharing and synchronisation
• Repeatable, can be readily adopted in virtually any research and data capture scenario
18 Months
6 Resources

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