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Highland Solutions is a customer experience firm with a fierce commitment to keeping people at the center of our work.  We use our skills in CX strategy, custom software development, and CRM implementation to help innovative leaders understand their customers and take smart risks. We love working with customer-centric, mission-driven organizations who want to adopt the principles of more disruptive businesses to take their impact to the next level.
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Wheels Inc.
Transportation & Logistics
Highland migrated a legacy vehicle ordering application into the OutSystems platform. This allowed Wheels to electronically review and transmit vehicle orders to all of the major car manufacturers in the US.
4 Weeks
2 Developers

Thrivent Financial
Financial Services
Thrivent Financial is a mission-driven financial services organization that encourages its members to “be wise with money.” Thrivent was aware of the massive debt burden that college students often face when they enter higher education without extensive knowledge of what their loan and financial aid options are. To help solve this problem, Thrivent used OutSystems to develop a content-oriented website that helps incoming college students and their families better understand the costs associated with college and take out as little as possible, or in a best case scenario, no loans at all.
3 Months
4 Developers

Highland Solutions
Computer & Technology
We built a networking bingo app for the 2018 NextStep conference. We wanted to build something that showed off our chops in OutSystems development and UX design, while also making a tool that responded to a real need that conference attendees had.
2 Weeks
3 Resources

PerfectServe develops communication software for hospitals and health systems across the US. In the past, when customers were having trouble accessing their mobile application, the customer support team would need to execute actual SQL queries to reset a user's device token. This created huge inefficiencies for the company, their customer support team, and their customers. Using OutSystems, Highland was able to rapidly streamline PerfectServe's support process by building software that allowed the customer support team to reset the token for a user's mobile device with just one click.
2 Weeks
2 Resources

Keystone Industries
Keystone Industries is a global dental, cosmetic, and veterinary manufacturer located in New Jersey. They used OutSystems to modernize a legacy application that was built in a sunsetting platform. Highland was able to take the existing application workflow and architecture and improve the user experience, add functionality, and bring it within the OutSystems platform. The new application was rolled out across two major divisions in the organization with users across the globe.
4 Weeks
2 Developers

Global Investment Management Firm
Financial Services
Highland partnered with a global investment management firm to create the company's first mobile app for Android and iOS. Additionally, we built a fresh web portal for modernized applications previously built on Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Sharepoint. This included a time tracking app for the company's 100-person IT department and a compliance form application. Both of these apps maintained the legacy architecture and workflow from the Microsoft products they were built on while integrating a more user-friendly OutSystems front-end interface on both web and mobile.
2 Weeks
2 Developers

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