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Lighthouse are domain specialists in Enterprise Licensing, Registration and Compliance solution development. With over 19 years experience in supplying government agencies with software solutions across Australia and New Zealand, we have a unique perspective of the modern Licence and compliance industry. Our specialisation in replacement of legacy systems and review of process and legislation has enabled us to meet the unique needs of agencies within the limits of restricted budgets. As technology advances we are proud to be associated with OutSystems and their ethos and drive for greater innovation and productivity using technology.
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The inspections app is designed to support field technicians in performing field services work.

This app has been specially designed for tablets and mobile devices with the following as a small sample of its capabilities:
• Information can be updated and pushed back (virtually to any back-office system) in real time or queued on the device until connection has been re-established
• Seamless integration with Google maps for in-device navigation and route optimisation
• Works seamlessly with the devices camera, voice and other inherent capabilities
• Integrates with the device for signatures via inking (pens, fingers, etc.)
• Offers voice input for both fields and comments
• There are a different views offered – map or itererary
• Dashboard view and KPIs are presented
2 Weeks
1 Developers

The Recreational Fishing Licence Inspections app is a mobile solution for a Fisheries Officer, where they are able to check whether a licence is valid and that the correct licences for the type of catch are valid.

This mobile app is primarily designed to allow for Fisheries Officers to lookup the licensee details to check validity, conditions, etc.
• Data is synced to the device and stored securely for fast lookup to allow for poor or no network connectivity
• This is currently designed to be read-only and is bi-directional, in real-time or queued on the device until coverage is obtained.
• Provides for fast lookup using QR codes generated by the licence holder mobile app
3 Weeks
2 Developers

The Recreational Fishing Licence app was primarily been designed to allow recreations fishers to track their licences without the need to contact or check with authorities.
• Notifications are sent to the device when a licence is due for renewal with a configurable lead time (e.g., 1 month)
• Allows for information to be updated and pushed back to back-end system in real-time or queued on the device until coverage is obtained.
• Renewals are planned to be able to be completed on the device, including payment in a future phase
• Ability to apply for additional licences (Abalone, Rock Lobster, Marron, Net, etc) and pay the associated fee
2 Weeks
1 Developers

Synergy Energy
Energy & Utilities
The  Mobile Inventory Cycle Counting app allows remote technical staff to produce real-time stock take of power station parts that are located in bins on-site
• Pushes data back to SAP in real time while connected or queued on the device until coverage is obtained
• Full integration into SAP for stock details, images and work lists
• They provide photos of the stock for condition reporting in the application and this is then pushed back to SAP
The legacy process used to take close to a week per location (they have 5) and now is a few hours per month per technician
1 Months
1 Developers

Hutchinson Builder's
Construction/ Engineering
The scaffolding operations returns process includes the following:
• Cross checks return dockets
• Prepares for returns including return dockets while marking these as cross-checked as well as handling and displaying pack labels
• Processes truck and pack deliveries for photos for stock quantities
• Has bi-directional integration with their Avontus Scaffolding System for stock levels
1 Months
2 Developers

University of the Sunshine Coast
The Fraser Island assists visitors to traverse the landscape or access information about research on the island.

Key features include:
• Provides weather, tides, track conditions (4WD driving)
• Interactive maps and directions, tracks and campgrounds (including offline maps)
• Checklists for areas such as permits and barges
• Rules for safety and sand-driving (4WD permits)
• Informational areas – Shops, fuel, water and other supplies
• Learning area – Gain knowledge and understanding of the culture, ecology and landscapes
• Connect Area – Questionnaire for feedback, Ways to become involved [video on “Take 3 for the Sea]
• Citizen Science – Photos and information gathered by students and visitors + Links to 2 (currently) apps that make citizen science simple and fun
• Explore – Itineraries and Points of Interest (Visual and text with maps and route guidelines)
• Photo Gallery
• USC Area – Research and Learning Centre, Research Archive, Field Studies, Fraser Island Guide
2 Months
2 Developers

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