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Phoenix Services works with companies that have manual and/or inefficient processes that want to increase productivity and improve customer experience.  Unlike companies that build difficult to manage custom systems or buy expensive and rigid software packages that slow their innovation, we bring the best rapid application development platform in the market run by the Australian experts to help you get tailored apps in record time that are flexible and easy to extend for 1/3 of the traditional software cost.   Phoenix Services (Sydney and Brisbane based) and Do It Lean (Portugal based) is a joint venture for delivery of expert services in OutSystems for the Australian and New Zealand market.  We have 60 certified OutSystems resources (52 Web Developers, 20 Mobile Developers, 7 Tech Leads and 8 Support Eng). Ten of which are certified on the Australia team. Phoenix Services operates in Australia for the last 3 years and works exclusively in OutSystems.     The employees of Phoenix and Do It Lean have an average of 6+ years of OutSystems experience. The Founders have 12+ years and are all ex-OutSystems employees.
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Phoenix Services assisted Optus with the redesign, development and rollout of the Leads Management module for the Optus B2B CRM system. The new Leads Management workflow supports the end to end process from capturing, assigning, processing and closing of leads, tied to opportunities, including the user journeys for Sales Directors, Sales Team Leads, Inside Sales, Channel Managers and Marketing teams. The lead management module brought the Optus methodology, system, and practices designed to generate new potential business customers, including marketing campaigns integration.
10 Weeks
4 Resources

Phoenix Services provided expert services and advisory including health checks, application review, multi-tenancy design, user self-service design and the full OutSystems reference framework for Maxtel low-code center of practice. Phoenix Services also provided enablement and quality assurance to various Maxtel developers.
4 Weeks
2 Developers

SNP Security
Other Industries
BOSS Screening station delivered for SNP Security a new way to capture Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) and support the Screening Proces in Airports. The BOSS Screening Station governs the full workflow of ETD and carry-on baggage checks.
Prior to boarding your flight at the gate, passangers are asked to present their carry-on baggage for the usual checks for prohibited liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGS). At this time passengers may also be randomly selected for an explosive trace detection (ETD) test. This project and application delivered an offline capability in kiosk mode (tablet based) for the ETD and PLAGS governance process. This is a mission critical process for airports, delivered and rolled out in a matter of weeks.
5 Weeks
3 Developers

Life Insurance Direct
Life Insurance Direct quoting tool and client portal was developed by Phoenix Services using the low-code platform of OutSystems in 6 weeks. Embedded in Life Insurance Direct Portal, users can access a quoting tool and comparison engine based on various companies life insurance products and prices. The client portal and quoting tool integrate seamlessly with Wordpress and the existing portal. The system also integrates with Rice Warner and MLab services, which enable the direct comparison among products currently available in the market. Lastly OutSystems is integrated with Salesforce for creation of leads, account and client information in real time, improving the agents customer experience and enriching the data from the client portal.
6 Weeks
3 Resources

BRI Security
Other Industries
Phoenix Services delivered for BRI Security a new field services application that is currently used by 2500 security officers, with the goal of expanding to 4500 across Australia to do time and attendance, incident reporting and occurrence management through mobile devices. Besides automating these critical processes, the new app empowers BRI Security to offer data-driven services, customize operations, increase customer satisfaction and differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. In just three months, the full version of the BRI Operational Support System, or BOSS, went live, one month ahead of schedule. With BOSS, BRI Security’s field operatives can receive job information, record observations, attach pictures, log their breaks, do ‘welfare checks’, and more - all on their mobile devices. BOSS also automatically compiles a full report when each operative completes a shift. The company’s clients then receive these reports instantly.
12 Weeks
4 Developers

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Phoenix Field Services
The Phoenix Field Services solution is an alternative to other field services applications used to empower your workers in the field. Manage incidents, expenses, contracts, work orders, forms, time and attendance and your workforce mobility.

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