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Good that you've found us! We're here to help you with your innovation challenges, whether they're business or technical related. Our team of passionate Incentronauts is experienced in building your enterprise grade apps. Ready for lift-off? Engage!
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Flexmeester is a complete solution for employment agencies. The current available software systems for the flex industry are limited in functionality and fragmentend. Flexmeester incorporates all elements of running a successful business. From onboarding new employees, setting up flex-contracts, making salary payments to workers, sending invoices to customers, maintaining a thorough financial administration to fulfilling tax requirements. Flexmeester's design is based on years of experience and a thorough understanding of the industry.

Incentro worked on a sustainable solution for a complex industry, bound to many Dutch regulations and laws. Combating the complexity of catering to not only employment agencies but also to intermediaries and suppliers is made possible by the constant focus on architecture and close collaboration with domain experts.
9 Months
5 Developers

Chemical, Agriculture, Mining/Metals
Maykers is a new online marketplace that connects farmers and their partners to make the business of farming successful.
One of the things Incentro did is implement a chat solution that is integrated into the online marketplace, so that buyers and sellers engage. The solution is an opportunity for sellers to differentiate in the marketplace by giving the best advice to farmers.
Together with improved check-out, partner management and customer services solutions, it helped increase the value of the platform. The platform is built on top of a headless e-commerce platform which makes that the front-end can be developed, deployed and run separately from back-end. For real-time communication the application integrates with Google Firestore, a real-time database.
The team worked in a transparent way: Maykers submitted the needs, the team assessed the complexity and together we committed to delivering it. It was a good experience working with the team.
12 Months
6 Developers

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We help you to deliver your beautifully designed apps. We bridge the gap between your in-house development team and external design agency. We often see that there's no synergy between them. That's why we have them both in house and in your team!

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