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NovioQ is your experienced partner for enterprise-grade web and mobile applications and data insights.  We are a young and innovative company. It is our mission to deliver reliable, fast, scalable and low-maintenance solutions using best of breed technologies and an extensive partner network. We design, build and implement: - new corporate web and mobile business applications using OutSystems low-code Rapid Application Development technology  - we specialize in corporate web and mobile applications on top of SAP systems with amazing performance - business data warehousing, analytics & intelligence platforms using Exasol MPP in-memory database technology All using the best and fastest technology, with quick implementation times and highest possible performance and scalability!
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Consumer, Food & Beverage
We created a dynamic SAP connection with 26 productive SAP systems. From a single app data is validated on the right SAP system based on company code selected. For instance, when you have selected Bulgaria, payment terms are retrieved from the Bulgarian SAP system and populated in a pulldown. Upon save the transaction is posted directly in the Bulgarian system.
6 Months
4 Developers

Undisclosed client
Consumer, Food & Beverage
We created an SAP Pricing Accelerator that exposes realtime our client's customer-material prices in its Hybris European webshop. SAP itself couldn't deliver. We could, using OutSystems and a column-store database. The Pricing Solution holds 500 million unique customer-material prices and can handle up to 1 million SAP price changes per hour.
3 Months
3 Developers

Undisclosed - name known by OutSystems
Consumer, Food & Beverage
Global Purchasing Platform.

We created this customer's first OutSystems applications for Global Purchasing, providing a single login point for buyers and managers where they could do their work, instead of logging into eight different systems (multiple SAP systems, sharepoint, other backend systems)  to do their daily chores.

We helped them define their OutSystems architecture and strategy, starting from the first demo and proof of concept to the enterprise-grade architecture that is in place now, supporting multiple OutSystems projects.

We have set up a fully scalable and maintainable landscape, that is compliant with client's authorisation framework, including Single Sign On and Identity Management.
12 Months
4 Resources

Undisclosed - name known by OutSystems
Pharma & Biotech
SAP warehouse Storage Unit Scan App (LM02 replacement).

The customer requested an application with the following high level requirement:

Build a responsive website for scanning pallets in the warehouse and confirming the transfer order. The applications functionality should be similar to LM02 transaction in SAP.

And so we did in two weeks time.
2 Weeks
1 Developers

Undisclosed - name known at OutSystems
Computer & Technology

Online microchips configuration and sales tool for customers.

We created a new application - fully integrated with SAP - that allows customers to configure their microchips online. The application includes uploading and testing the embedded software, exchange of encryption keys and the necessary approval workflows and collaboration mechanisms.

All SAP master data was extracted in realtime - so now replication needed - and after the final approval the required materials, BOM and sales listings are created automatically in SAP.
18 Months
5 Resources

Partner Solutions built using OutSystems
Spinque Realtime Performance
Our Spinque-OutSystems component enables you to get realtime answers to any question you ask your dataset. Spinque uses a unique column store style search algorythm that makes all of your applications fly. Also available for SAP-based applications.

SAP Warehouse Scan App
SAP-connected scan application for scanning pallets in the warehouse and confirming the transfer order.

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