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Hi Interactive team is specialized in Front-End Development for OutSystems. As an OutSystems Partner, Hi Interactive worked with OutSystems to develop the Silk UI Framework and it's helping to improve the new OutSystems UI Framework.  Experts in Live Style Guides and Design Systems, Hi Interactive has delivered dozens of successful projects, in partnership with other OutSystems Partners, in a variety of industries including aviation, financial services, insurance, legal services and retail.
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Hi Interactive developed a Style Guide structure to give support to the application's development and maintenance. This process was ensured by a team of Front-End experts, through the development of themes and patterns.
12 Months
2 Developers

Hi Interactive defined Fidelidade's communication through a customized front-end architecture to give support to 200 existing applications. We promoted the Design System's model to reuse the components and accelerate the applications development and maintenance.
12 Months
2 Developers

Computer & Technology
Hi Interactive developed Silk UI Framework in partnership with OutSystems to help developers deliver applications with a more user-friendly interface.
18 Months
8 Resources

Partner Solutions built using OutSystems
Design System
The Design System reduces the time to market of your applications, eliminating redundant design and code tasks. It’s unique architecture scales operations, fostering assets re-use and ensuring brand consistency at scale.

Front-End Expert Services
We share our know-how and we work hand-in-hand with your in-house team to optimize the Front-End of your OutSystems applications while reducing development and maintenance costs.

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