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For over two decades our work has helped businesses realise technical innovation. Founded with a focus on using technology to solve complex problems - 22 years later, the same principles still apply. A multi-disciplinary team that understands the importance of digital in today s connected, increasingly complicated world. We listen, learn, challenge, and make it happen at scale, testing and learning to incrementally improve results. We work in close collaboration with our clients to overcome their business challenges and drive business performance. From strategy to deployment, through to optimisation, we leverage the right technology to deliver innovative solutions faster, and digital experiences across multiple platforms. Technology First Approach - Deep digital and technology experience - Leveraging the right solution using the right tools and platforms - Helping businesses and brands connect with their customer Co-Creation with our Clients - Working in close collaboration with our clients with many experts - Aligned on objectives and shared context - Providing tailored strategies that drive results Delivering at Pace - Focus on maintaining project momentum - Testing and evolving strategies - High velocity to demonstrate results faster than ever before

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Projects Examples
Neon Underwriting
Neon Underwriting were new to lowcode development.  they were aware of the capabilities and experience within Unipro, so started a partnership to deliver 3 different proof of concepts within 10 days.  Each proof of concept was championed by a different product owner with Neon Underwriting.  They also pulled upon Unipro's developers to help coach and support the citizen developer training within Neon Underwriting.
2 Weeks
1 Developers

Arena Systems
Working with our insurance client, Unipro worked to lead the development of the replatform of their existing insurance system. The application offers a complete suite of tools including full underwriting and claims functionality, ledger management, document and policy production while adhering to industry compliance standards.
Unipro also introduced modern agile scrum principles to the project including training and coaching of the clients internal team with pair programming.
12 Months
3 Developers

Corporate (Business) Services
 Unipro worked with Jacobs to create a new application that allows airports to import their data. The model processes the data to generate the expected life of runways and other surfaces. This multi year forecast allowing users to alter the data set and rerun the model to help them plan for future surface work.
2 Months
2 Developers

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Harvest - Custom reporting
Time reporting application to allow project managers and HR instant access to custom reports.

* Integration with Harvest (getharvest.com)
* Office 365 authentication
* Show full project time breakdown per item and resource

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