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PhoenixDX is an award-winning OutSystems partner, specialising in custom application development and digital products. Awarded OutSystems APAC Customer Success of the Year 2018 and 2019 and Partner of the Year 2020. We are fully dedicated to OutSystems with a highly skilled team of 70+ experts, including 5 OutSystems MVPs and a dedicated team of UX specialists. We don t only build applications; we quickly deliver game-changing digital solutions that give organisations across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & the Philippines a strategic competitive advantage.


Projects Delivered

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  • SiteIQ
    • Field Services
    • Construction & Engineering
    4 Developers 12 Months Web Application 2021

    SiteIQ was designed to manage and optimise tools and equipment on major industrial and construction sites. As a cloud-based solution, SiteIQ offers visibility and the ability to manage all tools, equipment, consumables and services in real-time. Now, customers and stakeholders can access equipment data and analytics from anywhere.

  • Lendhaus - marketplace for commercial real estate
    Lendhaus - marketplace for commercial real estate
    • Financial Services
    • Finance
    2 Developers 8 Weeks Web Application 2020

    Lendhaus is the first marketplace for commercial real estate financing. Fully digitise the loan process so that property managers could store and manage all asset data in a secure and accessible place. It stores up-to-date, on-tap data, allowing access to relevant parties, providing visibility, security and analytics across property portfolios.

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  • Rent Roll Approval Application
    Rent Roll Approval Application
    • Other Industries
    • Finance
    3 Developers 20 Weeks Web Application 2021

    The rent roll approval application automated the review and approval process, replaced the existing property management software. Once approved, the new system automatically sent the rent roll to SAP for billing, streamlining the process. This significantly improved the user experience for the building lease managers, reduced errors and double-handling.

  • UBT Community Application
    UBT Community Application
    • Business Services
    • Other use cases
    3 Developers 10 Weeks Mobile Application 2020

    The application needed to serve a community spanning 30,000 members. The goal was to replace a legacy application modelled on popular social media interfaces (e.g. Facebook), modernising the experience and rebuilding it on the OutSystems platform under high-quality standards and optimised to support millions of daily transactions.

Solutions Built With OutSystems

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  • Hubway Connect
    Hubway Connect
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    Hubway Connect is a data hub for OutSystems applications. Hubway allows non-developer users to create, configure and manage data connections (APIs) to expose data from OutSystems Apps. Hubway eliminates the need for manual development and maintenance of APIs. #Data Connector, #OData, #Extract Data, #API Builder
  • PhoenixDX Workspace
    PhoenixDX Workspace
    • All Industries | Other use cases
    With the current working environment changing regularly, and people demanding more flexibility, we believed there could be a better way to deploy facilities management software and desk booking. So we decided to build, with leading organisations, a flexible product that has over 500+ person/days of R&D and is in use in small to large enterprises.
  • PhoenixDX Field Services Solution
    PhoenixDX Field Services Solution
    • All Industries | Field Services
    The PhoenixDX Field Services solution is an application to empower your workers in the field. Manage incidents, expenses, contracts, work orders, forms, time and attendance and your workforce mobility.

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