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.CoolBot, a smart solution for your enterprise
Automate your services using .CoolBot and experience what AI can do for your organisation.
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Key Features

- Reliable and secure services (ISO certified and GDPR compliant)
- Faster time to market because of the usage of Azure's existing infrastructure
- Lower cost, since Azure uses Pay-As-You-Go rates
- Own management of Microsoft Azure resources. Or, if desired, by CoolProfs

Key Benefits

To provide a correct answer to a question, .CoolBot uses the knowledge of a knowledge base. To get the optimal result for every question, the knowledge base needs to be set up in one language.

Supporting multiple languages would therefore call for multiple knowledge bases, each in a different language. The costs for setting up these resources, maintaining these resources and of managing the QnAs in every knowledge base would skyrocket if you were to choose to support multiple languages in this manner.

To prevent this from happening, Microsoft Translator has been integrated into .CoolBot! In addition to the cost benefits, Microsoft Translator also offers:
- support in over 60 languages
- transliteration
- secure and confidential processing of data (ISO certified and GDPR compliant)
- scalability to the needs of the business.


CoolProfs .CoolBot

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