Channel Customer Engagement Solution

Solution Overview

OMNI helps you drive digital transformation across your organization. It is an intuitive cross-channel sales and service platform for agents, call center, online customer site, bank assurance, affinity, car dealers and comparison sites with simplified experiences adjusted to each channel.

Key Features

  • Improved quote and subscription creation process.
  • Increased efficiency in sales flow for the different channels
  • Simplify the product lines adjusting them based on activity code
  • Build a simple sales and service flow focused on the dialogue with the customer
  • Customization of different products according to customer’s segment and channel.
  • Accelerate the time-to-market regarding product offerings or product changes through the use of Product Interpreter.
  • Support agent’s commercial process from policy quotation to issue
  • Deliver straight through processing on simple claims
  • Integrations with core systems such as Guidewire and TIA
  • Access on multiple device types
Deloitte - OMNI
Deloitte - OMNI
Deloitte - OMNI
Deloitte - OMNI
Deloitte - OMNI
Deloitte - OMNI

Problem Solved and Key Benefits

Quotation is a complex and cumbersome experience that customers and agents get frustrated with. Insurance companies are plagued with enormous business complexity resulting from the multiplication of different products, channels and brands. The challenge lies in using technology to achieve better customer engagement. Deloitt’s OMNI streamlines insurance products through simplifying the different domains of information between Channels and Core Systems and delivers a seamless experience across channels adjusted to context.

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