Solution Overview

TrueVoice is a behavior and emotion analytics technology to transform your contact center.

Key Features

TrueVoice is a scalable Artificial Intelligence platform delivering:

  • Behavioral & sentiment analysis
  • Outcome based models
  • Speech Transcription
  • Machine learning feedback loop
Deloitte TrueVoice

Problem Solved and Key Benefits

When you’re running a contact center, every customer call matters – but without face to face interaction it’s easy to miss half the conversation. To give you the full picture, rather than relying on traditional keyword spotting alone, TrueVoice uses AI to analyze behavior and emotion on every call, helping you to quickly understand how your customers and call agents are really feeling. And because it monitors all your customer interactions, it can quickly highlight areas of risk as well as opportunities to improve the customer experience and reduce call agent churn.


How True Voice is used in Financial Industry for Risk Management

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