Out of Court Disposals

Out of Court Disposals

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Solution Overview

Out of Court Disposals is an application designed for UK Police Forces to enable the management of low-impact crime and resolve without going through the criminal court process. It provides the ability to record details of the crime, the victim, the offender, witnesses and collection of evidence.

Key Features

Provides a mobile app to record crime, capture information about the victim, offender, offences committed and evidence gathered.

Calculates the gravity of the offence, based on the information gathered and then recommends suitable resolutions, including cautions, fines, compensation orders or treatment and rehabilitation courses.

Provides authorisation workflow to gain approval from a senior officer where required by law or local procedure

Provides rehabilitation and training providers the facility to maintain their schedule of services, publish availability to Police Officers, receive bookings and manage attendance

Provides Management Reporting portal for budget holders to analyse the take up of services and demonstrate value for money.

Key Benefits

Resolve crime cases in hours or days instead of weeks and months

Provides the victim with a rapid resolution.

Reduces the amount of time a Police Officer needs to spend at the station writing up cases, or in court giving evidence

Increases the time available for Police Officers to be on the street serving their communities

Provides the offender with rapid case management, and referral where appropriate to suitable treatment, rehabilitation or training

Addresses the root causes of crime, reducing reoffending rates

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