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Compliance Management App

Solution Overview

With ISB’s Compliance Management application, manage all your compliance requirements in one single system, available on the web and any device. It provides real time visibility of your compliance status, with a quick drill-down to upcoming expiries and with an embedded document management system. 

Key Features

  • Eliminate risk exposure: current compliance status and upcoming expiries displayed in a clickable dashboard
  • Easy access: the app works on any web browser and on any device, so you don't need to dig for those excel sheets anymore
  • One version of the truth: full compliance details including the related documents stored in one place
  • Easy to use: reduce the effort of managing your compliance using one simple app
ISB Smart Solutions - Compliance Management App
ISB Smart Solutions - Compliance Management App

Problem Solved and Key Benefits

Managing compliance used to be a cumbersome manual process, with a high risk of missing deadlines and operating in a non-compliant way, frequently without even realising it. With the ISB Compliance Management App, you now have access to all your compliance requirements, their status and expiry as well as all related documents.

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