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Experience The Digital Workforce platform of the future, today. One platform to create your solutions and processes all in one place with this no code solution builder. Track, execute, manage and report from any mobile device or web browser.
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Key Features



Process authoring 

The ability to create reusable processes without the need for custom development and/or lengthy change processes. This enables the business to refine and structure their own processes using their own business rules. 

Process execution and data capturing 

The ability to execute business processes either on the web app or within the mobile app. This means that processes and evidence can be followed and captured wherever and whenever necessary. 

 Job Scheduling 

Jobs can be self-scheduled by the user or created and scheduled by a scheduling coordinator. 

Role Management 

Users are given specific roles and permissions which allows the applicable groups to focus on exactly what they need to get done.  

Cross-organisational capabilities 

The ability for organisations to seamlessly share specific job history/information and seamlessly have organisations participate in one another’s processes.   

Offline Mode 

On the mobile app, users can choose when their mobile data will be used to sync so that they don’t use their data unnecessarily. If there is no signal available, they will be able to use the mobile app offline as normal, and the data will be synced as soon as they regain signal.  


The ability to see an immutable audit log of a job through history reports, including what evidence was captured and any applicable time/geo stamping.  

Configurable Home Screen 

The ability for an organisation to define the construction of their landing pages to suit their needs.  


The ability to integrate with 3rd Party Solutions through the Centricity API. 

Key Benefits

  • Real-time control and visibility over processes. 

All activity by both external and internal parties is automatically captured, recorded, geotagged, and collated into a sole historical repository, providing a complete overview of every process touchpoint from start to finish, accessible at any time.

  • Collaboration between organisations and roles. 

A social business component allows organisations to focus on their own core deliverables whilst leveraging the expertise of their strategic partners through shared workflows, processes
and roles.

  • An intelligent and user-friendly digital system. 

Workflows are initiated, carried out and completed electronically with every interaction recorded and logged as the job progresses. A complete history of each interaction with past, current and new jobs are available and accessible at all times


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