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Train and assess your staff with verified educational content from industry leaders, innovators, and subject matter experts, so that you’re better prepared to get ahead and excel in your profession. Set your training goals and report on them.
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Key Features



Offline Viewing

We made courses and video content available to be downloaded, enabling learning to happen on the go, and when there is no signal available.

Simple course upload

Content creators can easily create courses and add video, documents, or any written content in just a few steps. Courses and content can also be tagged in the backend for quick searching in the mobile app.

Feedback Questions

After a piece of content has been viewed, the user is prompted to answer a series of feedback questions which test their learning and development.


The CPD log allows professionals to log all their CPD activities in one place, eliminating the need to keep paper records.


Users can quickly add events attended to count towards their annual professional bodies CPD hours or points.

Recommended Courses

An admin can choose specific courses to recommend to users so that these are front and centre on the user’s homepage.

Report pdf

The user can export a pdf report of all their CPD activities at any time, allowing them to submit their annual hours to their governing body whenever convenient.

Tracked viewing

The system is aware is the user has not completed any content such as watching a video, therefore ensuring all content has been watched in totality before the course content is marked as complete.

Key Benefits

  • No more paper records.  

    Professionals partaking in compulsory annual CPD activities must keep up to date, detailed records of all CPD activities undertaken throughout the year which means keeping a cumbersome file of paper records.  My CPD provides a digitised log of CPD activities, which can be quickly exported into a pdf whenever and wherever. 

  • Access to a diverse range of content. 

    Travelling to conferences and events is an expensive endeavour. MyCPD brings the latest content straight to the user through video, HTML and document courses and content, saving both time and money.  

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